5 Tips For Creating Great Mobile Learning Content

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5 Tips For Creating Great Mobile Learning Content

With so many employees working these days remotely, companies must find ways to ensure their employees are getting the training they need. That’s where mobile learning comes in – it’s a great way to provide training that employees can access on the go, and it can be adapted to suit the needs of each employee.

LMS, like the HSI platform, make it easy to share mobile learning content. However, mobile learning content isn’t just your regular training content delivered on a mobile device. You must create customized content that is suited for delivery on mobile devices.

In this post, we share seven tips for creating great mobile learning content, so you can make sure your employees are getting the training they need without having to leave the office.

1. Tailor Your Content Based On Employee Needs

When designing your mobile learning courses, consider your employees’ specific needs- this includes knowledge levels and workstyles. This will ensure that the courses are genuinely engaging and user-friendly and that employees can access them no matter where they are.

Also, consider targeting specific employees with targeted content. This can be done by using employee surveys to gather information about their training needs and preferences or through engagement data that suggests which employees are most likely to benefit from a particular course.

2. Use Engaging Visuals And Animations

One of the best ways to keep your employees engaged while learning from mobile is by using engaging visuals and animations. This can help reinforce key points and be a great way to provide a fun and dynamic learning environment.

For example, integrating GIF animations into your courses can make learning more fun and engaging for your employees. Plus, GIFs tend to be very shareable, so you can make sure that everyone in the office is getting entertained while training!

3. Make Use Of Quizzes And Assessment Tools

Adding quizzes and assessment tools to your mobile learning courses can help ensure that employees get the most out of their training.

Not only will this help them to retain information, but it can also give them a way to benchmark their progress against others in the office.

This can be particularly useful in skills like critical thinking or problem-solving. Make sure to design quiz questions that are challenging but achievable and to provide feedback to employees after completing a quiz to improve their skills.

4. Keep Your Mobile Learning Content Short And Focused.

One of the biggest challenges in creating engaging mobile learning content is finding a way to keep it concise and focused. Too much information can overwhelm employees, making it difficult to absorb all the necessary information. Similarly, if your courses are too long, employees may become bored or distracted.

Instead, try to keep your content as brief and easy to understand as possible while providing all the critical information employees need to learn from your course. This will help ensure that they stay engaged and learn everything they need from your learning module!

5. Use Visuals To Help Explain Complex Concepts

Many employees have difficulty understanding complex material unless presented in an easy-to-understand format. In order to ensure that your employees understand the information you are teaching, use visuals to accompany your text content.

For example, you can include images of diagrams and charts alongside your written instructions so that employees can better visualize the information being discussed. This will not only make learning more fun and engaging for them, but it will also help to improve their comprehension of the material!


You don’t need a fancy studio to create engaging and educational content for employees. Just like we mentioned above, you can use visuals to explain complex concepts. However, keep these tips in mind while creating great mobile learning content.

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