Those 7 Accessories That Will Transform Your RZR Into A Beast

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Those 7 Accessories That Will Transform Your RZR Into A Beast

RZRs perform excellent on off-road terrain. But, if you really want to get the most out of your RZR and make it conquer more miles of rugged terrain, then you will need to step up your game and do some research on what kind of accessories will help you out. As a result, this article will cover some of the best RZR accessories one must have in order to unleash their RZR beast in the wild.

Must Have Accessories For Your RZR

Accessories are a great way to personalize your vehicle and make it something you can be proud of. While some can cost a lot, there are others that are pretty affordable. Nonetheless, it is always better to invest in quality products that will last a long time. The following list of accessories was made by considering quality and durability over time. These will not only increase the capabilities of your RZR, but will transform it into the best off-roader you have ever driven:

1. Wheel Spacers

Nothing is more important when you are off-road than having traction and keeping a grip on the ground. Wheel spacers will help you achieve this and give you the extra leverage you need in off-road terrain. But what happens when you have too much weight on the wheels? The tires will get worn out quickly, and if you are an extreme off-roader, it can reduce the life span of your tires. So, make sure to buy wheel spacers before leaving for your trip. It is always best to be secure and assured that you have everything you need before departing. Especially so for long trips in which you may have some unexpected stops or surprises along the way.

2. Cooling Water Pan

When it comes to muddy trails and rougher terrain, your RZR will be exposed to dust and dirt. So, what happens if you park your RZR in one of those places? Well, you will immediately notice a change in the performance of your engine. Because it was dirty, more friction and heat were produced, so your RZR will be sluggish on such rough terrain. It is why it is better to keep the dust and dirt away.

This cooling water pan will allow the hot water vase to keep cool, improving your RZR’s performance on such tough terrain. In addition, this product doubles as a dust filter, which means you will get even more mileage out of your new RZR. The best part about this pan is that it installs easily and does not take too long.

3. Engine Sound Modification

You are an extreme off-roader, and you know that your RZR will be exposed to much punishment. This means you need an engine sound modification to help protect the engine from damage. The standard exhaust system is not designed for off-road use, so it is wise to invest in a sound exhaust system that will help you get better control over your RZR at all times.

4. Roof Light Bar

It is one of the best accessories you can have for your RZR. It will help you see better and make your trip safer at night. You will not have to worry about running into anything at night if you have a roof light bar installed on your RZR. The roof light bar is bright and can be seen from a long distance away when you need it to be seen the most.

5. Can-Am Maverick X3 Tire Carrier

You are an off-road enthusiast and use your RZR quite often, so you know that there will be a lot of weight on the wheels during your journey. In addition, on rough terrain, the tires will get worn down faster than usual. It means you must carry more spare tires or ensure enough puncture repair kits to stop your RZR if it gets stuck in the mud. You do not want to get caught in an oferseen situation unprepared, so, it is better to make sure that you are set with all the necessary parts.

6. Tire Changer

When you are off-road, there is nothing worse than a flat tire. However, this can leave you stranded and in bad shape when you have to find help in a hurry to get you out of the sticky situation you just got yourself into. This is why it is best to carry extra tires with you whenever you are on your trip. You will not have problems like this again if you use tire changers to change your spare tires with the same diameter as your original ones.

7. Front Bumper

The included bumper on your new RZR must be better for off-road use. If you collide with an object, you can easily damage your front bumper and ruin your vehicle. Investing in a front bumper that will protect your RZR from getting hurt is much better, especially if you travel through tough terrain most of the time. In addition, this front bumper will help distribute the impact in case you hit something or get into a collision.

Are These Accessories Worth Your Investment?

If you want to enhance the performance of your new RZR, you should purchase all of these accessories. These accessories will make your RZR more powerful and can handle a lot of weight if you carry spare tires with you on your journey. And remember, when it comes to quality products, it is always better to invest in more expensive products. This means the quality is better and longer lasting than cheaper replacement parts.


If you want to transform your RZR into a beast, then you will need to invest in some of the best accessories that are out there on the market. These accessories have been tested and repeatedly tried, which is why they are known for their durability and strength. Once you have these accessories installed on your RZR, you will notice a performance change on all terrain types. You can even travel long distances with your RZR without worrying about anything.

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