Technical Vs. Technological –Skills To Get You A Job

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Technical vs. Technological

You might have heard a lot about additional skills to help you get a job for those seeking employment. Technical and technological skills happen to be the most important of these skills.

These roles will vary between industries and people. You can acquire a skill that is suitable for your field of work. All the skills are equally important since they will serve different areas.

The skills are almost similar, and they are often used interchangeably. So which skills are more important? Is there a difference between technical and technological skills?

Let’s look into each set of skills and understand the difference;

Technical is specialized or complex knowledge on a particular subject. It is the correct process of putting something together for it to function. Technological refers to social or economic abilities that have grown out of the application of scientific principles. You can use it through a machine, device, or system.

What Are The Differences And Examples Of Technical And Technological Skills?

Technological skills

Technological skills are skills that are developed due to the use of computers and technology. With the numerous advancements in technology, these skills are of great importance.

Having such skills will even give you an advantage in job seeking. Some of the most important and commonly sought after technological skills include;

1. Mastery of social media

Most modern businesses rely significantly on social media platforms. They use these platforms for advertising their products, getting customers, and generating income.

Most people with digital devices use social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram have billions of users. It is, therefore, easy, cheap, and practical to use social media in business.

An ad on Facebook could get to 10 million prospects in a day. If you posted the same ad on a billboard, it could get to maybe 1000 prospects in a day.

A company will therefore look for an employee that can help them with social media. Having skills on social media you will make you a more viable candidate.

It is easy to acquire social media skills. You can access tutorials on YouTube to guide you. You could even take a class and get more information on how to use social media platforms extensively.

2. Use of computer software

There are millions of computer software available on the internet today. They were all tailored to perform specific tasks or a range of functions.

Some software such as Microsoft Office suite, adobe, and a range of browsers are commonly used in the office. When seeking employment, some employees have these skills as a qualification.

Even when it is not compulsory, it is good to have them. They will help increase your speed and efficiency at work. You will be able to store data and make presentations with a lot more ease.

There are skills such as web design, graphic design, and coding that you can learn independently. These will help you generate income, and in case you are looking for work, it will give you an advantage. You can also go as far as getting a Master’s in Science in Information Technology and command an even bigger salary.

3. Troubleshooting and quality assurance

This means looking at a product and testing it to see if it meets the needed quality. In the modern age, nearly everything is automated. This has made a lot of people jobless, but it has, in turn, created a new opportunity.

There will always be a need for a human to check if all the processes are well followed. In case there is a problem, humans would need to check the machine’s components to find the problem.

Having intimate knowledge in the field of a machine will allow you to troubleshoot and fix problems. This is an invaluable skill in an office with printers, computers, and other devices.

4. Mobile device use

You need to have information about your mobile devices’ full potential, from laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

You must always be up to date with the technology that is related to your work. With the quickly changing technologies, you have to use your devices to capitalize on opportunities.

More than 69% of user’s time is spent on their phones. Understanding your phone will give you an insight into how you can reach people through their devices.

This elevated point of view will make you more productive, thus opening up more job opportunities for you.

After you have acquired all the above skills and you feel competent, go into the market. Write your complete Curriculum Vitae, and your prospective employer will give you a job.

Technical skills

Technical skills refer to the knowledge needed and ability to perform a specific task. Employers look for people that can come to work and immediately show productivity.

This means that having the right technical skills will help you get jobs quickly. Technical skills are hard skills. They will need you to have some sort of training to master them.

Technical skills will help boost your confidence, increase your efficiency and make you more valuable to the employer. Some of the most valuable technical skills in today’s market include;

1. Data analysis and Business intelligence

Most organizations and offices have to deal with a large amount of data every day. Good analysis, manipulation, and use of this data will determine the company’s profits.

Statistics will help project expenses, profits, and losses, which will help the management in preparation.

All employers understand this fact. They will therefore look for employees that are equipped with information on data analysis. This skill will be most important in business-related organizations.

Assessing large amounts of complex data and giving correct results is a difficult task. But in the end, it will show the company’s most valuable assets and those dragging it down.

Data analysis is vital for any company’s growth. It will be a skill that gives you a better chance of landing a job.

2. Information security

With the increasing shift to the digital world, security has become an important aspect. There is an increase in cyber-crime and information theft.

Most companies look for workers that could help protect their systems and information from hackers.

Take a course on cybersecurity to be competent enough to prevent malicious attacks. Data breaches can be fatal for organizations that hold sensitive data.

Industries such as banks and ecommerce companies have to protect their data. Their users would otherwise lose money, and it would ruin the company’s reputation.

3. Machine and electronics repair

Companies use thousands of dollars each year to repair damaged electronics such as printers, scanners, computers, etc.

In most cases, the damage is not that significant, and a person with the correct knowledge can fix it. Be that person; take a class on computer hardware or electronic engineering.

An employer will give you a job if you have these skills since it is convenient for them. They will save money in terms of repair and maximize time in the office.

Knowing how to operate electronics will also give you an advantage as an employee. You will be quicker, easier to work with, and more efficient.

4. Project management

Project management is a soft skill of great importance in any organization. The ability to organize resources, budgets, and people as a manager is an important skill.

Project managers are essential, from digital marketing and design to construction. Project management skills will enable you to deliver any work more efficiently.

This is because you will have the skills to allocate work and time to the right sections at the correct time. You will also use the proper amount of staff which will save the company’s money. Even if you don’t get the project manager’s position, the skill will still be precious.

Importance Of Technical And Technological Skills

Technical and technological skills are almost similar, and they are very beneficial to employees and employers alike. The significant benefits include;

Customer satisfaction

You will have better response and service with the correct combination of skills. This will ensure that all your customer needs are met on time.

An increased company growth rate

A company with the correct skilled employees will use resources more carefully and make more profits. This will lead to more development and company growth.

A reduction in the company’s budget

Having skilled employees will reduce the overall budget. There will be a reduced need to hire outside help, which will help save the company money.

Increase efficiency in the workplace

Skilled employees will work like a well-oiled machine. Each will do their tasks efficiently without slowing any processes down. This will improve the general performance of the entire company.


Technical skill and technological skill are both critical assets to both an employer and employee. You can go to classes to add more knowledge to that of your career.

The additional skills may be the difference that makes you get a job. Pick a skill that is related to your line of work and specialize in it.

Employers should always look for employees that have a wide range of skills or useful ones. They will help generate more income for the company and lead to faster growth and better service.

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