4 Signs Your Motorcycle Is Ready For Sale

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4 Signs Your Motorcycle Is Ready For Sale

Motorcycle riders often develop more emotional connections to their bikes than they would to, say, commuter cars, and that connection can make it hard to determine when it’s time to let go. Eventually, though, there will come a time when riders will have to sell their motorcycles. Before doing so, read on to find out about four top signs it is time to say goodbye to a beloved bike.

1. Cash For A New Bike

Figuring out when it’s time to sell your motorcycle isn’t always an emotionally-fraught decision. For riders who are ready to trade up, purchasing a new bike can be exciting. Most people only need and want to own and upkeep one motorcycle at a time, so selling the old one to come up with extra cash for a new bike is a great decision. Even better, riders who go through reputable dealerships may be able to trade in their old motorcycles to help make a down payment on new bikes that better suit their current needs.

2. The Motorcycle Just Sits In The Garage

Motorcycles aren’t meant to sit in the garage collecting dust. They’re built for the open road. While a serious motorcycle enthusiast might find the idea of losing interest in a once-favored bike highly unusual, more casual riders can easily find themselves without enough time to go out for pleasure rides or even keep up with maintenance. If the excitement is gone, why not sell the bike, make some quick cash, and let someone else get it back out on the road instead of leaving it to rust?

3. Old Age, High Mileage, Or Expensive Repairs

Some people love their vintage or antique motorcycles and don’t mind paying top dollar for obscure parts and specialized mechanics. However, modern bikes don’t always age well. As the mileage starts climbing, breakdowns occur more often, and eventually, one of them will make the rider want something different.

Instead of being sad about an old bike needing expensive repairs, riders can look at it as an opportunity to upgrade to a newer model with better features. Just keep in mind that older bikes in poor condition or with extremely high mileage aren’t going to fetch anywhere near as much as comparable models that haven’t been ridden as much and need fewer repairs. Selling a bike that’s getting up there in age or miles before something goes wrong is usually a better idea.

4. High Market Demand

For riders who are on the fence about whether to sell, periods of high market demand make all the difference. Motorcycle buyers often wait until the warmer months to purchase new bikes, so that’s usually the best time to sell.

Other circumstances also influence market demand. For example, spikes in gas prices create an incentive for people to make the switch from commuting on four wheels to doing it on two. Even a new movie that depicts the sheer enjoyment of heading out on the open road on a well-equipped motorcycle can influence consumer buying patterns.

The Best Way To Sell A Used Bike

The best way to sell a used motorcycle is to find a reputable dealership that takes trade-ins and purchases old bikes via private sales. Sellers who take this approach won’t have to wait around for potential buyers that may or may not be interested or worry about whether they’ll get a fair price. Plus, riders that plan on upgrading to new bikes can check out the dealer’s selection at the same time.

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