How To Wear This Season’s Transparent Glasses Trend

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How To Wear This Season’s Transparent Glasses Trend

Glasses featuring transparent frames are having a moment right now. A major one. You’ve likely seen a plethora of celebs sporting this particle spectacle style: from the catwalk to the movie set, they’re one of this season’s key fashion items – and they’re likely to be on the scene for a long time.

If you’re considering giving clear glasses a go, then you may be wondering how best to style them and choose the set that’ll best suit your face shape and complexion. We can help: use the guide below to find not only your perfect pair of specs but info on how to style them to make 2023 your most fabulously on-trend year yet!

Think About Your Face Shape

The shape of your face will determine the frame shape that’ll suit you best. Clear glasses themselves suit all face shapes, so it’s just a case of deciding which type of frames to opt for.

In general, if you have a square-shaped face, circular and oval frames will suit you best, while oval frames also look great on those with diamond-shaped faces – as do cat’s eye frames and frames that sit on the browline. Have a heart-shaped face? Look for round or square-shaped spec frames. And if you have a round face, consider rectangular or square-shaped frames for the most flattering look.

One of the best things about clear glasses is that it’s often possible to wear an oversized pair of frames without them overwhelming your face. So if you’ve wanted to wear a larger pair of glasses for a while but haven’t been able to find a pair that doesn’t swamp your features, transparent frames could be the answer!

Styling Tips For Wearing Clear Glasses

To make your new clear glasses stand out, opt for lighter-colored outfits. While, of course, any color of garments will work with your transparent specs, paler colors will help show them off. Similarly, choose lighter or neutral colors of makeup for balance: softer shades tend to work better than darker, heavily applied cosmetics, which can seem even more dramatic when worn with clear glasses.

It’s worth remembering, too, that if you decide to wear a darker color outfit with your transparent frame, the sides of the frames are likely to take on a slight accent of this shade, while the front will remain clear. This isn’t a negative point, but important to bear in mind when thinking about the overall effect of your ensemble.

If you’ve always loved the idea of wearing hats as accessories but have struggled to make them work for you, then this may well change if you opt for clear glasses. Due to their subtlety, clear glasses make the perfect partner for a wide range of hat styles, such as the fedora, trilby, or even beret, so have fun experimenting with some new looks!

Add A Hint Of Color

And if fully transparent frames aren’t quite for you, how about clear frames with just a hint of color, such as blue or blush? If you’re thinking of getting clear glasses, this can be a great, easy-wearing way of trying out the style.

If you have warm-toned skin, consider clear frames with a hint of peach, blue, or pink; if you have a cool skin tone, frames with a slight accent of plum, silver, or green are likely to look lovely on you.

What To Wear With Clear Glasses

And now, the exciting part: putting together some outfits that’ll work perfectly with your new transparent specs! We’ve got the inspiration you need.

Try pairing your clear glasses with a floral off-the-shoulder top and denim cut-off jeans for a flattering, balanced, on-trend look that’s perfect for both casual daytime and evening wear. Alternatively, clear glasses work beautifully well with a fantastically-cut blazer worn over a simple crop top and flats, creating a structured yet feminine look.

And in the cooler weather? Wear your transparent frames with a high-necked chunky jumper and team with a skirt and long black boots to balance your winter style. Easy!

How To Take Care Of Your Transparent Glasses

And, finally, if you’ve invested in a new pair of clear-framed glasses and love your new specs, you’re no doubt keen to keep them in great shape – and it’s important to remember that there’s nowhere to hide for even a little bit of grubbiness on a transparent frame!

Luckily, taking just a small amount of time regularly to keep your glasses clean will pay off and keep them looking fabulous for years. First of all, hold your specs under a slow stream of lukewarm running water for a few moments. Next, put a small amount of suitable cleaning solution onto each lens. Now use a soft cloth to gently rub the solution into the lenses and the surrounding frames – don’t forget the nose pads, too, where grime can quickly build up. Finally, rinse your specs under lukewarm running water again, and then carefully and thoroughly dry them.

Simply run through the above process a couple of times a week to keep your clear glasses looking great and complementing your style every day.

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