How To Tell When It’s Time For New Shoes

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How To Tell When It’s Time For New Shoes

About 20 million shoes are made each year and roughly 300 million are thrown away annually. This means that we are switching shoes at a rapid rate.

However, there is a time for you to ditch the old and buy a fresh pair of shoes. But, how do you know if you got the most mileage out of your footwear?

Read on to find out how to tell when to buy new shoes. 

Can’t See The Tread

Traction is an important part of any type of shoe, whether it is a sports shoe or high heels. They keep you from slipping and make walking a lot easier. 

So, if your shoe’s thread is almost gone then it may be a safety issue. This is the time to start considering new kicks. 

Some shoes have deeper tread than others, so you should take note of how much tread your shoe had when you bought it. The more tread that has disappeared then the more drastic the need for new ones can be.

Soles are Noticeably Worn Down

Nice sneakers may keep the tread, especially if you only wear them on soft surfaces or only on occasion. Looking inside your shoe shows another indicator of wear. 

The soles endure constant rubbing from walking and running. If the color of your insoles is removed or you see holes in your sole then you know they got a lot of use. 

Chances are that you have gone well over the average mileage for one pair of shoes if your soles are worn down. You could consider replacing the soles or getting additional inserts, but this could cover up the fact that your shoes are ready to be replaced. 

Holes Or Rips In Your Shoe

After buying new sneakers, you go to great lengths to keep them clean and in good condition. Once you grow accustomed to a shoe it slowly becomes less important. So, you may begin to take less care of them. 

Not caring for your shoes or using them for strenuous activities like working out leads to rips and holes. This is a clear sign that your shoes are on their last leg. 

Start looking for holes and rips at the tip of your shoes. This area is most prone to wear as it bumps against objects and has your toes pushing on it when moving. Then check the tongue and ankle area as it also leads to friction. 

Returning Pain In Your Feet, Legs, Or Back

If you spend a lot of time on your feet then you can appreciate a comfortable shoe. And when pain that dissipated, because of a shoe, returns you may have outworn their comfort. 

Arches wear down and cushions become less fluffy the more you wear your shoes. This could lead to irregular posture that affects your whole body. 

Trying new shoes may instantly resolve your pain and be a clear indicator that your old ones can be thrown away. 

Outdated Style

Not all shoes need to be in disrepair to be replaced. Sneaker fashion is also a factor when deciding to buy new shoes. 

Just like clothes and hairstyles, shoes also go out of style. If you want to stay with the latest trends then check out these Air Jordan styles. Air Jordans are known trendsetters so you can be sure that your next pair of shoes will get positive attention. 

Don’t Match Your Attire

As your wardrobe evolves, your clothes may begin to mature faster than your shoes. You may notice that your style shifted from casual and youthful to business professional. 

As you upgrade your cargo pants to khakis, you also may want to update your shoes to match them. 

Started A New Job

A new job may also make your wardrobe change to follow dress codes. Flip-flops aren’t usually allowed in most office settings, so you will have to go shoe shopping just to look professional. 

Other jobs require specific types of shoes. For example, if you start working at a restaurant, then you need non-slip shoes. Or if you start landscaping then you want a waterproof boot instead of your old sneakers to keep your feet dry. 

Getting Injured Or New Pain

Many women enjoy wearing high heels but eventually, your feet may start to refuse them. New pain from wearing uncomfortable shoes is normal and should be addressed quickly to avoid increased discomfort.

Injuries to your back or knees may also dictate the type of shoe that makes you the most functional. 

It’s Been Years 

The age of a shoe can give you clues into whether or not you should buy new ones.  Having shoes in your closet for one or more years probably means it has several of the reasons to throw them away from this list. 

So if you find shoes in your closet then review this list again to determine their worthiness. 

Been Wearing Them Too Much

The average American buys 7.5 pairs of shoes a year, so each pair may not get as much use as someone who owns one or two pairs. However, the age of the shoe also plays a role in its usage. 

If you have a favorite or versatile shoe that goes with everything then they may see more use than others. Consider how much you wear your shoes to decide whether they have reached their limit. 

Choosing Your New Shoes

Now that you know if you need new shoes, your next step is to decide on which ones. Some people have a brand or style that they gravitate to and that works if these shoes still fit your lifestyle. Otherwise, check out new types of shoes that match your clothes and that feel great. 

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