How To Spy On Someone’s Messenger And Stay Unnoticed

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How To Spy On Someone’s Messenger And Stay Unnoticed

It is a frightening number, but 47% of users admitted to emotional cheating on Facebook. It suggests that the Internet is a much more toxic environment than we used to think. Luckily, there is a solution to this matter. Only constant monitoring can make the Internet a safer place!

Reasons To Spy On Someone’s Messenger

People are going mad nowadays about private life and personal space, but what are these things worth if one has to pay for this with their happiness? Cheating spouses, drug dealers, perverts, internet bullies – the Internet is full of danger. Only the Facebook spy app can help you protect yourself and those you love from that darkness leaking into our world from the web.

You may never know what your children discuss in the secret conversations online: they might be talking about their school crushes or how many condoms they should buy for the Homecoming. Unfortunately, neither Government nor Police can monitor and prevent dangers coming along with Internet use. This means that you can safeguard your close ones by monitoring their Facebook Messenger and other social apps.

Different Ways To Spy On Facebook Messenger

Technological progress gifts us with thousands of ways to get to know what is hidden. Behold! The secret knowledge about how to spy on someone’s Messenger!

1. Try Password Reset to Get into One’s Messenger

Everyone is constantly logged into all their messenger and social media apps on their devices. Thus, nothing seems easier than resetting someone’s password on their iPhone. The procedure is extremely simple:

  • get the device in your hands;
  • the phone number and e-mail linked to the target account should be available on the targeted phone;
  • change the Facebook password;
  • log into Messenger with the new password;
  • leave it like this.

The owner will not notice the password changes until they try to log in to Facebook Messenger from another device.

As you can see, the most difficult part is actually getting access to the target device, e-mail, and phone number. Some owners sometimes even forget the e-mail or password they used at the registration themselves and will not be surprised that the login attempt on another device fails.

2. Use iCloud to Spy on One’s Facebook Messenger Free of Charge

iCloud is a service that is undividable from any Apple device. And what this service does is it backs up all the information from the target device. You can ask your child or fiancé to give their phone for a second to send a message or check something on Google and turn this feature on in the settings.

What you need next is to get your target’s iCloud credentials, and …. You are in, becoming a sneaky part of their personal life. The main problem here is the same as with the password reset: you need to get the credentials, which are usually kept confidential.

3. Try Keylogger to Get the Password

Keylogger is a special type of malware that records all the passwords typed on the keyboard or phone screen. They can basically be compared to viruses. There are several ways to deliver this software to the target phone:

  • send an e-mail with a link, let’s say, to a funny video or a questionnaire; when a user opens it, the keylogger gets installed on the device of interest;
  • “infect” a website so that when a user opens it, the keylogger is downloaded and installed in the background;

In such a way, you will get all the credentials and begin to spy on someone’s Messenger ASAP. However, a question of legality would arise here because trying to hack someone else’s Facebook Messenger in such a way, you literally break the law. So, we would not recommend this method to anybody.

4. Clone the Phone and Get Everything You Need

Cloning a phone is actually a great way to spy on someone’s Messenger. By cloning, we mean that you will get an exact copy of applications, logins, passwords, and so on – everything will be 100% the same. So obviously, you will be getting the same messages as well.

Special applications allow you to clone another phone, and they are pretty easy to use. There is no need for you to download an additional Facebook spy app, as basically, you will be holding a copy of the target phone in your hands.

5. A Nimble Method – Phishing

We already mentioned something similar to phishing when we were talking about keyloggers: an e-mail with a link, opening which you download the malware to your PC. As for phishing, for example, one may get an e-mail from Metta (the name is twisted intentionally) asking for their credentials for their “security program”. 

Such people never think about how to spy on someone’s Messenger, they just do it. Of course, this method is based on peoples’ trustfulness, but you would really be surprised how successful it is. Millions of people become phishers’ victims every year.

6.  The Most Reliable Way – Use Facebook Spy Apps

Ask yourself a question: why should you reinvent the wheel trying to find out how to spy on someone’s Messenger if there are people who have already done this for you? There are dozens of applications that you can install and forget about the hassle. They are not free, but the result is worth it.

  • SpyBubble. It is a great application with a bunch of useful features that allow you to spy on someone’s Messenger and not only. It allows for remote installation on iOS and an easy turnaround process for Android.
  • iKeyMonityor. The developers of this application provide you with flexible subscription plans and useful phone tracking and monitoring functions, allowing you to supervise the device remotely.
  • XNSPY. Well, the name speaks for itself – it is a spying application that will also turn you into a spy. Many users on the internet leave it a positive rating.


It is only you who decides what method to use. Some of them require more effort, and some require more money, but in the end, the result will be more or less the same. Considering the number of different functions, though, spy applications are slightly more favorable. But again, it is up to you.

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