How To Search Facebook By Phone Number

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How To Search Facebook By Phone Number

So you found a Facebook profile, which isn’t public. Now what? How do you find out more information about that person? Unless they friend you back and share that information, it may not be easy. Fortunately, there are ways to search by phone number on Facebook. There are legitimate reasons why a user wouldn’t have their profile up as public. Perhaps they’re a famous person trying to keep their account private or maybe they just aren’t ready for the world to see it yet. Whatever the reason, it can make finding them on Facebook difficult. Thankfully, there are ways to search by phone number on it so that you can find them and get in touch with them if necessary. Let’s take a look at some different methods of doing this so that you can make new friends…or stalk your old ones!

How To Search Facebook By Phone Number

1. Find The Phone Number In Their Profile

Maybe the most obvious way to search by phone number on Facebook is simply to just look at their profile. Simply go to the profile of a person you want to find and look for their phone number under “Contact Info”, or something along those lines…like “work” or “home”. If you do find it, then you can probably just type it in as a search term and see who shows up. If not, then maybe they’re trying very hard to hide it (which is okay).

2. Search For Their Phone Number On Google

This is one of the easiest ways of finding their phone number on Facebook. Simply type in the person’s name + “mobile phone number” into Google and either click that link once you see what you get back or copy/paste that information into a new browser tab (or window) and paste it into your favorite search engine so that you can get more info about them. Remember, this isn’t legal so make sure to do this at your own risk! Read our Google Privacy policy for more info about what sites can crawl your cookies as well as other important information about privacy with Google…it’s worth your time! Try searching for people close to where you live too for an easier method of doing this

3. Use A Search Engine To Find A Person On Facebook By Phone Number

This will work only if you don’t already have the person’s phone number on your contact list because it will still require you to search for them by name. So, if you do have their number in that list, then you could try browsing through your internet browser for that person or company and then just doing a search on your mobile phone or cellphone for the correct word (in this case, “cellphone”).

4. Use A Cellphone To Search For Someone On Facebook By Phone Number

This is one of those ways that can be used anywhere anytime because it doesn’t require any special equipment. Simply use a cellphone (that has a camera) to take a picture of their profile and each time they post something new, send them the photo via text message (or email)…and then type in their name + “phone number” into every site that allows you to do so (and search by name on Facebook) so that you can get more info about them.

5. Use An Online Phone Book

The easiest way to find someone is simply to use an online phone book like 411 or 411-plus to find people based on their phone number. The only real downside with using these sites is that it usually requires paying for an account…so, there’s usually an upfront cost for these sites which will cost even more money than having to pay for an account like X10 or similar providers which let you see other people who have the same phone number as you.

6. Use A Caller Id Service

One way to do this is to use a service like Who Calls Me to see who has been calling you lately. But, be aware that your phone company will probably charge you for this unless you ask them not to charge you for it. Also, it’s not free either…so it’s best if used sparingly (or just not at all).

7. Use A Social Media Privacy Guide For More About Facebook Privacy In 2016

This is one of those things that exists because people aren’t using their privacy settings on social media sites properly which can affect the way their information is treated. This guide was published by ReadWriteWeb in January 2016 and examines what’s available with privacy settings and other important info on Facebook and Google+. There are also links to privacy guides for other popular social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram as well along with helpful resources (such as ones made specifically for Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Vimeo). You’ll find out about how to see what pages and profiles can be seen when someone searches for information about you along with general tips about how to protect yourself from data collection companies who don’t know the difference between a teen looking up his/her school from his/her home and someone searching her name at work after she was reported missing (and then having reports publicly posted all over the place).

Change Your Search Scope.

1. The Easiest Way:

Change The Scope To “Friends” Or “People You May Know”. This Will Allow You To Search By Phone Number.

2. 2nd Method

Search for the phone number in the Go To drop-down menu and choose “People you may know”. Change back to the ‘Friends’ scope once you’ve selected them from there.

3. 3rd Method

Search for the phone number, but choose “Most Recent Friends Only”. This will allow you to find anyone that’s been recently listed as a friend. If you want to view all of their friends, change it back to “Most Recent Friends” so that they are listed as ‘Most Recent Friends’ but not ‘Friends’.

4. 4th Method

Go through their friend’s list and make sure that you select only their current friends; those whose names are in blue on the list. This will show you those people whose numbers they have given out and not their old friends they quit talking to.

5. Yet Another Way:

Try contacting each of the people from their deleted friend list and see if one of them will give out their information for you via an ask for removal link or email them about getting removed from there yourself.


There are many ways to search for someone by phone number on Facebook. The trick is knowing what you’re doing. If you find yourself unable to find someone, you can always search for their number directly. If you have a phone number to search for, you can also use a reverse phone lookup to see who owns the number and then search for them through Facebook. This can be helpful if you don’t have enough information to do a direct search. There are many different ways to search for someone by phone number on Facebook. You just have to know what you’re doing to find them.

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