How To Make An Armored Car

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How To Make An Armored Car

Armoring a car is quite a complicated process. That is why such cars cost many times more than their civilian modifications. The protection for cars is prepared by service centers, as well as directly by the manufacturers. The armoring of cars has become a profitable business. Especially in countries with a high crime rate. Then the armoring of the car becomes not a whim, but a necessity.

Don’t forget that you have to take care not only of the car’s appearance but also of its cleanliness to avoid car body repair. It is the car detailing that will allow you to prevent the rapid deterioration of internal and external parts of the car. Cleanliness and order in your car are, first of all, your safety and the safety of your passengers. Proper care will return your car to its original beauty and endurance and you will less visit car repair service centers.

Armouring Procedure

Car workshops that prepare armored cars try to make sure that the equipment does not look flashy and fits into the traffic flow as much as possible. Ideally, it should not differ from a standard vehicle. The armor is produced by creating a protective capsule inside the vehicle. At the same time, it must not change its appearance. 

First of all, the specialists of car repairing service centers find out the armor class. The car interior is completely disassembled and the body is covered with a protective film so as not to damage the original coating. Armor plates are installed in the interior. The protection of the gas tank and main units is mandatory, as well as the brakes, steering elements, and engine protection. Under the hood are installed armor plates, to protect the radiator special shutters are used. Protection for the battery and the main nodes, especially susceptible to damage, is installed to prevent car electrical repair. The armored glass of the required class is mounted. Glasses are glued all the way through except for the two side windows. They can be lowered, but only by a few centimeters. In the wheels are installed special inserts, so that in case of tire damage the car could go at least fifty kilometers at 60 km/h.

At the final stage, the door hinges are reinforced, and the suspension is readjusted or replaced so that the car’s weight gain does not affect the handling, braking, and maneuvering ability. Many automakers have armor shops as subsidiaries, and that’s the kind of cars, looking indistinguishable from the factory, we can see on the streets.

Also today the armoring of some parts of the car with a special film is in demand. This allows you to protect your car from minor damages and also from big ones. Basic protection includes covering the hood, fenders, and bumper. 

Front Bumper

The most vulnerable part of the car is the bumper. It is most often exposed to impacts and damages. That is why it is recommended to wrap the bumper in the first place. A large number of bends and transitions, and the length of the part create difficulties in performing high-quality work, so it is better to entrust such a responsible task to competent professionals.


Often experienced motorists apply for armoring the hood with a film. They choose polyurethane, as it is more durable, and maximally protects from the impact of stones, and debris. In case of severe damage, you only need to replace this coating or polish it.


During the operation of the car, the car’s fenders are subjected to serious tests. They often get scratches and chips. It is better to protect the front fenders with a polyurethane film.


In the car armoring business, glass is called “clear armor.” Additional protection is very necessary for the windshield, its integrity directly depends on the safety of traffic, and the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. A special film with increased transparency is produced for this part of the car. In the event of an accident, it prevents the glass from flying to pieces.


The beautiful appearance of the car and the long service life of the body – are the task of any car owner. A good helper in this matter is the armoring with a special film of separate parts and the whole body when wrapping the car with the film. The quality of the work is shown by car scanning and diagnostics and depends on the correct application of the protective layer.

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