How To Make A Diaper Out Of A Towel: The Ultimate Guide

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How To Make A Diaper Out Of A Towel

Every day, we use diapers to keep our babies safe and comfortable. But what if these were made out of a towel instead? It may seem like an unusual solution, but there are many ways in which this is possible. From washing a towel in the washing machine to cooking it up with boiling water and cornstarch, you can transform your current ones into something super absorbent with just a few household items. Here’s everything you need to know about how to make a diaper out of a towel!

How To Make A Diaper Out Of A Towel?

Step 1: Get a towel

You will need a towel to start with. This can be any kind of towel, but you may prefer to use a white one, or one that is large enough to cover your baby’s bottom.

Step 2: Cut the towel in half down the middle

Take your towel and cut it in half down the middle so that you have two long pieces of cloth. The more absorbent the material, the better your diaper will work for you. You can also cut off any patterns or designs on your towels as this will not affect their functionality.

Step 3: Fold one piece over twice to create a thicker layer of fabric and then wrap it around the baby’s waist like an undergarment

Now take one of your pieces of cloth and fold it over twice so that it is thick enough to cover the baby’s bottom. Wrap this around the baby’s waist like an undergarment and make sure there are no gaps by folding the material over the top. You can secure it with a piece of ribbon or tape to keep it in place.

Step 4: Take the other piece and wrap it around the baby’s legs to create a diaper

Now take your second piece of cloth and wrap this around the baby’s legs to create a diaper. Make sure that there are no gaps and that the material is thick enough to absorb any pee or poop. Secure this with tape or ribbon as you did with the first piece of cloth.

Step 5: Cut out any excess material from your diaper so that it fits snugly

If you find that your diaper is too big, then you can cut out some of the excess fabric at the bottom so that it fits snugly around the baby’s waist and legs. You should always leave an additional inch of fabric on each side so that you have something to tie together when using your towel as a real diaper, otherwise this will be too tight for the baby to wear comfortably.

Step 6: Tie the two pieces of cloth together with a ribbon or other material

You can now tie the two pieces of cloth together with a piece of ribbon, tape, or another material. This will prevent the diaper from falling off when the baby is moving around and it will also prevent pee or poop from leaking out.

Step 7: Put your diaper on your child and change them when necessary

You can now put your diaper on your child and change them whenever they need it. You can also use a diaper cover to cover up your homemade diaper, which will prevent it from leaking.

The Process Of Drying Your Cloth Diapers.

  1. Layout your diaper on an old towel (to protect your dryer).
  2. Turn the dryer onto a low heat setting and turn it on. Let it run on low for 5 minutes.
  3. Turn the heat up to medium and let it run for another 5 minutes. If you want them to be really fluffy, turn the heat up to high and let them go for another 5 minutes or so, but don’t let them get scorching hot! You don’t want to burn your diapers! This will help fluff them up and get rid of any wrinkles or lumps that may have formed during washing or drying. This step is optional but recommended if you want extra softness!
  4. Once they’re done drying, lay them flat on a towel, fold the towel over top of your diapers, and then put something heavy on top of it – like a book or a stack of books. This will help them stay flat and keep their shape.

How To Clean Towel-Diaper?

Step 1: Soak the towel diaper in warm water.

Step 2: Sprinkle the diaper with cornstarch.

Step 3: Let it dry in the sun. This will make it more absorbent and soft on the baby’s skin.

Step 4: Put on a diaper cover.

How To Store Them?

You want your new diaper to be durable and long-lasting, so you can store them in a bag or plastic container. First, lay the towel flat on the countertop (or wherever you’re going to store it) and roll up one of the longer edges. Then fold the other side over that edge and do the same with the third side. Finally, do one more fold at each end and then tie it off with a rubber band or string. That’s it! Now you have a neat, self-contained package for your newly made diaper.

The Benefits And Cons Of Using This Product

  • If you’re an environmentally-conscious parent, this may be the answer you’ve been looking for. After all, what could be better than something that’s 100% natural and reusable?
  • One of the downsides to using the towel is that it will take more time to dry. It’s important to remember that these towels are made primarily for babies and shouldn’t be used by adults. They’re not designed to absorb as much fluid as your typical cloth diaper.
  • Another potential drawback is they can give off a strong smell when they’re wet. If you’re trying to discreetly change a diaper, this might not work out as well as you would like.
  • But if you’re willing to put in a little extra work and think sustainability is important, then this product might be worth your while!

Materials For Disposable Diapers

– Toilet paper

– Disposable diaper

– String

– Empty plastic water bottle (optional)

– Diaper pins (optional)

– Dish soap or hand soap (optional)

Why Would You Want To Make A Diaper Out Of A Towel?

  1. It’s easy to make a diaper out of a towel and can be done in just a few minutes.
  2. You can make a towel into a diaper quickly and easily, saving you time and money in the long run!
  3. If you have any towels laying around that are too old or ragged to use for drying off, then you can use them to make diapers instead!
  4. You’ll save money if you use the same towel for multiple changes by simply making it into a diaper whenever needed.
  5. Towels are easy to clean and dry quickly, so when it becomes dirty enough, simply throw them in the laundry!


A towel diaper is a quick, easy, and low-cost way to make a diaper. They’re also lightweight, reusable, and machine-washable.

But they aren’t perfect. In addition to the cons, this product is often difficult to find in stores and may take a bit of practice to make. Still, these diapers are an easy and inexpensive way to make an emergency diaper for a new mom or for when you have an accident.

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