How To Add App To Your Smart Vizio Tv

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How To Add App To Your Smart Vizio Tv

It is common in today’s world that individuals tend to go with smart tv, it is because of the smart accessibility that has been invented, it is not only for future securing technologies but also to many crucial things and also to add App which makes it more vital and give a sigh of relief to homies to come out their boredom. It also has dominant qualities that make the user go with these smart TVs because they allow hundreds of them to be installed, but some smart TVs have made limitations in-built App. Vizio tv had made an exemplary model to permit their user to add their favourite apps. But later, on the contrary, the SmartCast platform threw a pitfall in the work of Vizio that no longer they can download apps from your Vizio TV.

Let’s Know Something More Interesting about Smart Vizio Tv

In the beginning, the Vizio tv permitted their user to download but later, on the invention of SmartCast, which only made the user add various apps but restricted downloading the apps. Using Vizio SmartCast Tv enables users to connect their tablets and smartphones and modify the Vizio Tv. Later its smart tv platform was relaunched, which comes with the feature of new apps which were already in-built in the TV. These were well-known apps worldwide, like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Hotstar etc. In further years Vizio updated their system with Google Assistant and Alexa devices. There was also support for Apple Airplay and HomeKit. 

Let’s Congregate More About Vizio System Functions

Casting app on Vizio depending on the version the user use. The versions are as:


The Version of Vizio VIA and Vizio VIA Plus was already in-built, but only in the selected Vizio smart tv, which was later invented. This feature allowed the user to stream their popular categories App directly from the App itself. Vizio Smartcast prevented the installation of the App but did allow addition. Such a feature does not respond well with in-built but is allowed to be cast from the Chromecast-enables either from smartphones or tablets. Vizio smartcast 4K UHD was more or less the same smartest, but, in addition, it facilitated cast from apple devices too using airplay.

Add Apps Throughvia Feature

If the user has a Vizio smart tv with the feature of Vizio Via 2017 that has been built pre, the following are the list to add all kinds of apps to your Smart Vizio TV:

  • It is needed to press the V button of your remote.
  • Then, select Connected Tv store.
  • Choose all Apps.
  • Go through the apps that you wanted to add to your Smart Vizio tv, then press the Okay button
  • Select the option, INSTSALL ALL APP.

By following these simple steps, one can add apps easily.

Add App using Via Plus Function

If the user has a modified version of Vizio TV which VIA PLUS, it’s more facile to add apps, the following are the ways to add apps:

  • Click on the V button two times on your remote.
  • A list of installed apps icons will appear, which has the option of MY APPs tab in it.
  • On to the next, go through the Featured, Latest, All Apps and categories tab to navigate the App you want to install.
  • Now, Press and hold the OK button until the name off doesn’t appear.

How To Add Apps To Your Vizio Smart Tv Using The Vizio Smart Cast Feature

Vizio SmartCast tv has the accessibility of installed apps that are ready to use, like Netflix. This also has a feature to add an app that is not in the core list, but you can cast from smartphones. The following are needed to add an app in smart Vizio tv:

  • Open store app in the smartphone,
  • Select the respective app that you want to add 
  • Choose install
  • Then click on open and choose the Cast icon.

In conclusion, these were the prominent ways to add apps to your smart Vizio tv. The Vizio version has grown very vitally, enabling users to stream any app directly from their tablets. You can try all the steps respecting the version that the user is using. Perhaps, you can install all the apps you want to add up on your Smart VIZIO TV.

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