How Is .NET Different From C#?

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How Is .NET Different From C#

Every developer who is at the stage of learning information technology is wondering what is the difference between C# and . NET. Most have heard that experts often use these terms together and with such connotations as if there is no difference between them. But this is not true. Let’s consider the most obvious differences between them.


If we go to the Internet, we will see quite understandable terms, but they indicate to us the main difference. C# is considered a programming language, but .NET is a little different. It can be said about it as a general term, which implies an application framework library and an environment where you can create your developments.

This is a fairly simple and understandable explanation of the difference, but if you are a person who has just begun to study information technology, then these terms may seem similar and incomprehensible to you. Therefore, in this article, we will look at the difference using simpler words and concepts.

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Let’s imagine that you are a student. The first thing you will learn is JavaScript. When you write your first program, you will realize that code is just plain text. The only feature of JavaScript code is the .js extension. You can also notice your syntax there, namely Miscellaneous brackets, and other elements.

If you go into a regular notepad on your computer and write code in this application, you will notice that nothing will work. This is all because the code needs a runtime environment. That is, for the code to work, you need a special program that will understand it and know how to apply it. This is where JavaScript comes to the rescue.

Do not forget that each language is regularly updated and new elements are added there. Therefore, if you replace Some of the commands with new ones, but your runtime is not updated to the latest version, it is unlikely that anything will work.

Difference Between C# And .NET

Now we’re gonna talk about the main difference. C# is a programming language where the sequence of a set of curly braces, classes, and objects is of fundamental importance. For everything to work, you need to follow the rules for writing code.

.NET, in turn, is a runtime environment. That is, it allows us to translate into actually created code. This Framework is often referred to as the Common Language Runtime, as it is an addition to many languages, including C#.

The .NET Framework offers us a library of classes that we can use in our development process and make the whole process noticeably easier.

Summing up, we can conclude that .NET is a Framework with a ready-made class library that was created by Microsoft to implement the codes we wrote, for example, through C#. This is the main difference.

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