180 Famous Bull Names: Most Iconic Bulls And Their Legendary Names

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Famous Bull Names

Bulls have played an important role in the history of human civilization, featuring prominently in various cultural expressions, mythology, art, and sports. They have been revered, feared, and admired throughout time, with their strength and spirit often symbolized in their names. The names of these famous bulls have transcended generations, capturing the imagination of people around the world. In this article, we will explore the most renowned bull names, delving into their unique stories and examining the impact they have had on our collective consciousness. From the legendary creatures of ancient mythology to the contemporary icons of pop culture, these celebrated bulls have left an indelible mark on our history and continue to captivate our imagination.

The History Of Bull Names

The practice of giving bulls names dates back to ancient times. In many cultures, bulls were revered as symbols of strength, power, and virility. Naming them was a way to acknowledge their importance and honor their role in society.

In ancient Greece, for example, bulls were associated with the god Zeus and were often sacrificed to him. The Greeks also believed that bulls were sacred animals and believed that their strength could be transferred to humans who consumed their meat.

Similarly, in ancient Egypt, bulls were associated with the god Apis and were worshipped as symbols of fertility and strength. The Egyptians believed that by honoring and sacrificing bulls, they could ensure a bountiful harvest and protection from evil spirits.

As bullfighting became popular in Spain and Portugal in the Middle Ages, bulls were given names to help distinguish them from one another. In these countries, bullfighting was considered a noble and honorable sport, and the bulls were viewed as worthy opponents to be respected and admired.

In the United States, the practice of naming bulls began in the early 1900s with the rise of rodeo. Rodeo organizers began to give bulls names to make them more memorable and to create a sense of excitement and anticipation among spectators. This tradition continues today, with many famous rodeo bulls achieving celebrity status and attracting a devoted following of fans.

In recent years, the practice of naming bulls has also become popular in the farming and breeding industry. Breeders often give their bulls names based on their pedigree or physical characteristics in order to help identify and track their lineage.

Overall, the history of bull names reflects the important role that bulls have played in human society throughout the ages. From symbols of strength and fertility to beloved sports heroes, the naming of bulls has helped to honor and celebrate their contributions to our world.

Famous Bull Names In Culture And History

  1. Cretan Bull (Greek Mythology)
  2. Nandi (Hindu Mythology)
  3. Minotaur (Greek Mythology)
  4. Ferdinand the Bull (Children’s Literature)
  5. Toro (The Old Man and the Sea)
  6. El Sargento (Bullfighting)
  7. Islero (Bullfighting)
  8. Murciélago (Bullfighting)
  9. Bodacious (Rodeo)
  10. Red Rock (Rodeo)
  11. Little Yellow Jacket (Rodeo)
  12. Babe the Blue Ox (American Folklore)
  13. Bullseye (Toy Story)
  14. Benny the Bull (Chicago Bulls Mascot)
  15. Gauri Shankar (Nepalese Sacred Bull)
  16. Apis (Egyptian Mythology)
  17. Golden Calf (Biblical Story)
  18. Khnum (Egyptian Mythology)
  19. Mnevis (Egyptian Mythology)
  20. Dun Cow (British Folklore)
  21. Lampton Worm (British Folklore)
  22. Tarvos Trigaranus (Celtic Mythology)
  23. Donn Cuailnge (Irish Mythology)
  24. Finnbennach (Irish Mythology)
  25. Gullinbursti (Norse Mythology)
  26. Audhumla (Norse Mythology)
  27. Brazen Bull (Ancient Greek Torture Device)
  28. Toro Jubilo (Spanish Festival)
  29. Cow and Calf Rocks (British Landmark)
  30. Raging Bull (Movie Title)
  31. Toro Bravo (Spanish Fighting Bull)
  32. Brown Bomber (Rodeo)
  33. Bushwacker (Rodeo)
  34. Asteroid (Rodeo)
  35. Bruiser (Rodeo)
  36. Air Time (Rodeo)
  37. Pearl Harbor (Rodeo)
  38. Smooth Operator (Rodeo)
  39. SweetPro’s Long John (Rodeo)
  40. Dillinger (Rodeo)
  41. Tornado (Rodeo)
  42. Houdini (Rodeo)
  43. Skoal Pacific Bell (Rodeo)
  44. Zorro (Rodeo)
  45. Mossy Oak Mudslinger (Rodeo)
  46. El Cordobés (Bullfighting)
  47. Malacara (Bullfighting)
  48. El Pocapena (Bullfighting)
  49. Fandango (Bullfighting)
  50. Ratón (Bullfighting)

 Mythology And Folklore: Legendary Bull Names

  1. Cretan Bull (Greek Mythology)
  2. Nandi (Hindu Mythology)
  3. Minotaur (Greek Mythology)
  4. Apis (Egyptian Mythology)
  5. Gauri Shankar (Nepalese Sacred Bull)
  6. Golden Calf (Biblical Story)
  7. Khnum (Egyptian Mythology)
  8. Mnevis (Egyptian Mythology)
  9. Dun Cow (British Folklore)
  10. Lampton Worm (British Folklore)
  11. Tarvos Trigaranus (Celtic Mythology)
  12. Donn Cuailnge (Irish Mythology)
  13. Finnbennach (Irish Mythology)
  14. Gullinbursti (Norse Mythology)
  15. Audhumla (Norse Mythology)
  16. Ymir’s Cow (Norse Mythology)
  17. Io (Greek Mythology)
  18. Europa (Greek Mythology)
  19. White Bull of Gavere (Belgian Folklore)
  20. Glas Gavlen (Welsh Mythology)
  21. Táin Bó Cúailnge (Irish Mythology)
  22. The Bull of Heaven (Sumerian Mythology)
  23. Serpent of the Nile (Egyptian Mythology)
  24. Enkidu (Sumerian Mythology)
  25. The Ox of Geryon (Greek Mythology)
  26. Hathor (Egyptian Mythology)
  27. Adad (Mesopotamian Mythology)
  28. Imdugud (Sumerian Mythology)
  29. The Seven-Headed Serpent (Greek Mythology)
  30. The Black Bull of Norroway (Scottish Folklore)
  31. Vrisha (Hindu Mythology)
  32. Shedu (Mesopotamian Mythology)
  33. Lamassu (Mesopotamian Mythology)
  34. The Bull and the Calf (Assyrian Mythology)
  35. Ushi-Oni (Japanese Mythology)
  36. The Bull of Phalaris (Greek Legend)
  37. The Ox and the Ass (Christian Mythology)
  38. The Heavenly Cow (Chinese Mythology)
  39. The Ox-Headed Guardian (Chinese Mythology)
  40. The Water Buffalo (Southeast Asian Mythology)
  41. The Celestial Bull (Babylonian Mythology)
  42. The Bull of Hidimba (Indian Folklore)
  43. The Cowherd (Chinese Mythology)
  44. The Weaver Girl (Chinese Mythology)
  45. The Aurochs (European Prehistory)
  46. The Bull Leaper (Minoan Culture)
  47. The White Red-Eared Cow (Irish Mythology)
  48. The Bull of Bagé (Brazilian Folklore)
  49. The Zebu (Indian Mythology)
  50. The Buffalo Woman (Native American Mythology)

Famous Bulls In Bullfighting

  1. El Sargento (Bullfighting)
  2. Islero (Bullfighting)
  3. Murciélago (Bullfighting)
  4. El Cordobés (Bullfighting)
  5. Malacara (Bullfighting)
  6. El Pocapena (Bullfighting)
  7. Fandango (Bullfighting)
  8. Ratón (Bullfighting)
  9. Granadino (Bullfighting)
  10. Gitanillo (Bullfighting)
  11. Avispado (Bullfighting)
  12. Bailador (Bullfighting)
  13. Navajero (Bullfighting)
  14. Cazón (Bullfighting)
  15. Costurero (Bullfighting)
  16. Viti (Bullfighting)
  17. Barbudo (Bullfighting)
  18. Revolera (Bullfighting)
  19. Vendaval (Bullfighting)
  20. Utrerano (Bullfighting)
  21. Bombito (Bullfighting)
  22. Impulsivo (Bullfighting)
  23. Bocanegra (Bullfighting)
  24. Jocinero (Bullfighting)
  25. Despreciado (Bullfighting)
  26. Legionario (Bullfighting)
  27. Ventorrillo (Bullfighting)
  28. Espartaco (Bullfighting)
  29. Arrojado (Bullfighting)
  30. Valiente (Bullfighting)
  31. Mañoso (Bullfighting)
  32. Nocturno (Bullfighting)
  33. Atrevido (Bullfighting)
  34. Borrasca (Bullfighting)
  35. Jabonero (Bullfighting)
  36. Acorralado (Bullfighting)
  37. Gitano (Bullfighting)
  38. Relámpago (Bullfighting)
  39. Aldeano (Bullfighting)
  40. Desafiante (Bullfighting)

Bulls In Rodeo And Sports

  1. Bodacious (Rodeo)
  2. Red Rock (Rodeo)
  3. Little Yellow Jacket (Rodeo)
  4. Bushwacker (Rodeo)
  5. Bruiser (Rodeo)
  6. Asteroid (Rodeo)
  7. Air Time (Rodeo)
  8. Pearl Harbor (Rodeo)
  9. Smooth Operator (Rodeo)
  10. SweetPro’s Long John (Rodeo)
  11. Dillinger (Rodeo)
  12. Tornado (Rodeo)
  13. Houdini (Rodeo)
  14. Skoal Pacific Bell (Rodeo)
  15. Zorro (Rodeo)
  16. Mossy Oak Mudslinger (Rodeo)
  17. Blueberry Wine (Rodeo)
  18. Code Blue (Rodeo)
  19. Chicken on a Chain (Rodeo)
  20. Troubadour (Rodeo)
  21. Dr. Proctor (Rodeo)
  22. Black Pearl (Rodeo)
  23. Chocolate Thunder (Rodeo)
  24. Reindeer Dippin’ (Rodeo)
  25. Big Tex (Rodeo)
  26. Voodoo Child (Rodeo)
  27. Yellow Jacket (Rodeo)
  28. Velvet Elvis (Rodeo Bushwacker)
  29. Gunslinger (Rodeo)
  30. Showtime (Rodeo)
  31. Midnight Bender (Rodeo)
  32. The Wrecking Ball (Rodeo)
  33. The Guns & Roses (Rodeo)
  34. Holy Moly (Rodeo)
  35. Coyote (Rodeo)
  36. The Ghost (Rodeo)
  37. Mad Max (Rodeo)
  38. High Octane (Rodeo)
  39. Freight Train (Rodeo)
  40. Wild Child (Rodeo)


The world of famous bull names spans mythology, folklore, sports, literature, and art, highlighting the cultural significance and impact of these majestic animals throughout history. From the mighty Cretan Bull in Greek mythology to the legendary rodeo bull Bodacious, these iconic bulls have left indelible marks on our collective consciousness. As we celebrate their stories, we gain a deeper appreciation for the multifaceted roles bulls have played in various traditions and events. May the legacy of these remarkable creatures continue to inspire and captivate our imaginations for generations to come.

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