Does a nose piercing leave a scar?

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Does a nose piercing leave a scar

A lot of people are curious about the answer to this question. Does a nose piercing leave a scar? The answer is: it depends. It really depends on how well you take care of your piercing and how experienced your piercer is. If you follow all the aftercare instructions and take good care of your piercing, then you should not have any problems with scarring. However, if you do not take care of your piercing properly, or if you go to an inexperienced piercer, then there is a chance that you could end up with a scar.

Does A Nose Piercing Leave A Scar?

It depends on the person’s skin type and how well they take care of the piercing. If a person has oily skin, their nose piercing is going to scar more easily than someone with dry skin. And, if a person doesn’t keep the piercing clean and free of bacteria, they’re also likely to get a scar. But if a person follows the aftercare instructions and keeps their piercing clean and healthy, there’s no reason why they should have any problems with scaring.

What Is A Nose Piercing?

A nose piercing is an ornament worn in or through the pierced nasal septum, the thin wall of cartilage separating the nostrils. Nose piercings are one form of body modification. Although it may be considered a permanent facial feature by some, even if removed, having it pierced can be experienced as just another kind of temporary body modification. The jewelry that goes into the hole is usually made of gold or silver, but there are other metals that people use to pierce their noses with (including platinum and glass).

Is A Nose Piercing Painful?

If you’re the type of person that likes to have a piercing or tattoo, then chances are you’ve heard the rumor that getting your nose pierced is one of the most painful piercings someone can get. But they say it’s one of the least painful ones! Which is true?

Here are 5 reasons why nose piercing hurts so much:

1. The Nose Piercing Requires More Time and Care Than Other Piercing

For Your Piercing To Heal Properly And Not Get Infected While any new piercing requires a certain amount of time and care for it to properly heal up without getting infected, most people find this especially if their workplace does not allow them to wear visible body piercings, or the place that they live in also looks down on visible body piercings.

2. The Nose Piercing Can Get Infected Easier Than Other Types Of Piercings

At the very least, this is because you will have to deal with any dripping or runny nose secretions that get into your piercing. If you’re not careful about how you blow your nose, then this can lead to bacterial infections, which can cause it to turn red and swell up a little bit.

3. The Nose Piercing Has A Higher Chance Of Scarring Than Other Types Of Piercings

Because the nose piercing requires a metal stud for it to be visible while being worn 24/7, there’s a higher chance for scar tissue to form around the jewelry in the long term after getting it done. This leads to an unsightly-looking nose piercing if it fails to heal properly over time.

4. The Nose Piercing Can Be Uncomfortable To Wear Because It’s “Heavy”

Until your nose piercing heals up enough to be worn without having another stud holding it in place, you will have to deal with the extra weight of the jewelry pulling at your pierced skin all day long, which can get uncomfortable very fast. But this will only be the case until you are able to change out your temporary piercing for a different style or material that is thinner (such as titanium).

5. The Nose Piercing Is Not Visible Unless You’re Wearing A Clear Plug

This goes hand-in-hand with reason #2; since you cannot easily conceal your nose piercing when you want to, it can lead to a lot of self-consciousness and stress over not being able to hide your nose piercing away when you prefer not to wear it for a day.

The solution

Keep up with the care instructions from your piercer or body modification professional. Be sure that you know how NOT to get your nose piercing infected, and if you notice that something is off about your new piercings, go see a doctor right away because they may be in need of medical attention. Also, switching out your temporary stud/plug for a titanium one once it’s healed enough will make wearing the nose ring much more comfortable without having too much weight added on.

What To Do If Your Nose Piercings Starts To Scar?

Scars are a natural part of the piercing process, but they shouldn’t be drastic. If you’re having trouble with your nose piercings scarring, here’s a quick guide to help you!

5 Steps for Dealing with nose piercings scars:


and foremost, moisturize twice a day! The skin that covers your nose is very dry and can cause irritation if not treated right. Look for an unscented lotion without any harsh chemicals in it to soothe the irritated area.


 keep your fingers away from it! Anytime you have a scab on your face, fingers will find their way towards it – whether intentional or accidental, this action can cause further scarring and damage to the area.


do not play with it! It may be tempting to poke and prod at a scab because it looks funny, but this action will only cause damage and leave you in more pain than before. Also, try to avoid picking at any dry skin around it because that can also cause further irritation or scarring.


take fish oil supplements! Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which promote tissue growth and reduce inflammation. If you already have your piercing, simply ask your piercer where they stand on fish oil used for healing purposes and buy some online if they don’t carry any in-studio or shop. If you do not have your nose piercings yet and plan to get them, you can ask your piercer where they stand on fish oil use and purchase some yourself!


consider using Aquaphor or Vaseline to moisturize the area. These two products are considered safe for fresh piercings because they do not contain any harsh chemicals such as dyes, perfumes, or lanolin which can further irritate it.

By following all of these steps, you’ll be able to combat further scarring in no time! If any issues with the piercing persist, it may be best to contact a dermatologist instead of solely relying on self-treatment methods. Good luck!


It is up to you how you want your nose piercing. If you are worried about a scar from a nose piercing, Generally speaking, though, nose piercings do not leave scars if proper aftercare is taken. Nose piercings are one of the most popular types of body piercings. there are two options for you- one is wearing an anti-scarring medical-grade silicone nasal strip or using saline spray after each time while healing.

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