Buzz Cut Styles For Gentlemen

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Buzz Cut Styles For Gentlemen

For men seeking a sassy and forthright haircut with a military-inspired twist, a buzz cut is a classic choice. This masculine style is perfect for those who want to boast their facial features and exude confidence. 

If you’re considering getting a buzz haircut, take a look at our collection of impressive, ultra-short looks that are sure to make a statement. Whether you’re looking for a sharp, polished look or a more relaxed and casual style, there’s a buzz cut to suit every preference.

1. Military Cut

Once a passage rite for reporting army recruits, the induction buzz was designed to curb the spreading of lice in army camps. This haircut involves an even cut with very few manes left on the head. It is among the shortest variations of the buzz haircut and is ideal for those with oval or rectangle face shapes. However, it is not for the faint of heart, representing a bold take on the buzz haircut. If you’re looking for a bold and masculine haircut that makes a statement, the induction cut may be the perfect choice for you.

2. Buzz Haircut Fade

If you’re interested in a military-inspired haircut but want something a little less extreme than the induction cut, the fade on the buzz cut may be a good option for you. This style depends on dimension, with the hair gradually getting longer towards the top of the head while remaining very short around the ears. It is a tidy cut that grows out well and offers some versatility in terms of styling. 

However, it is important to note that the fade leaves little room for hiding imperfections on the scalp, so be sure to take care of any scars before getting this haircut. The buzz haircut fade is a stylish and masculine choice for those who want a sharp and polished look.

3. High And Tight Cut

This is a buzz cut style that boasts short dimensions similar to an undercut. With the cut, you’ll have longer hair on top and extremely short hair on the sides and back. To get the full effect of the high and tight, it’s important to create a contrast between the longer and shorter areas of the hair. 

This cut can be a good option for those with shorter or wider faces, as it can help to lengthen the face visually. While it may offer less consistency in terms of hair length than some other buzz haircut styles, the high and tight is a stylish and masculine choice for those who want a sharp and polished look.

4. Crew Cut

The crew cut-motivated buzz cut is a stylish and versatile option that combines the best of two classic cuts. This look reveals a universally flattering style that is well-aligned, making it a great choice for those looking for a distinguished and well-blended style. It is particularly suitable for guys with elongated foreheads, as it allows for more length towards the front of the head, creating a fringe-like effect. 

To get the most out of this buzz haircut, be sure to style it appropriately with a mousse to keep the style neat throughout the day. The crew cut-inspired style is worth considering if you’re looking for a fresh and fashionable take on the buzz haircut.

5. Caesar Cut 

If you’re a fan of the extended buzz cut look but need help figuring out how to go about the styling, consider trying out the Caesar cut. This style involves buzzing your hair with a higher guard, like number five or higher guard, to achieve the right length. Your stylist should also trim a small horizontal fringe in the hair at the front to complete the Caesar look. 

6. Mohawk Buzz Cut 

The mohawk buzz haircut is a unique and daring take on the classic buzz haircut style. It involves maintaining a longer strip of hair that runs from the top front of the head down toward the nape of the neck while keeping the rest of the hair extremely short. 

To ensure that this cut remains true to the buzz haircut style, it’s important to ask your stylist to work with minimal dimensions, which will distinguish it from others. If you’re looking for a bold and edgy haircut that makes a statement, the mohawk buzz cut might be the perfect choice for you.

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