15 Best Free Online IQ Tests You Should Take Right Away

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15 Best Free Online IQ Tests You Should Take Right Away

You’re smart and intelligent, or maybe you aren’t as clever as you think. You only believe you are because that’s what people have been telling you.

Intelligence isn’t something one can measure by a person’s appearance. You need to take an IQ test to ascertain that. From the test, you’ll see how intelligent you are, compared to Albert Einstein and other geniuses.

You won’t pay a dime to take an IQ test because there are tons of free ones out there. The only major challenge is to figure out which is more accurate, authentic, and ideal for you.

Excitingly, we have managed to handpick and put together a list of the best free online IQ tests out there. So you do not necessarily need to waste more time searching for an online IQ tool to test your intelligence.

Are you ready to see what we have on our list? Alright, keep reading!

1. Brainmetrix.com:

Brain Metrix is among the best free online IQ tests out there. It’s quick and straightforward. It also boasts an attractive interface that makes navigation a breeze.

On top of that, Brain Metrix offers myriads of other funfilled activities besides IQ tests. These include a memory game, brain exercises, free chess game, concentration game, IQ scale, and reflex test.

So, you’ll indeed find something that will keep you engaged on Brain Metrix. However, the only drawback this IQ test tool has is that it doesn’t display the answers. And consequently, you won’t know the answers you got right or wrong.

Brain Metrix offers 20 free questions to test your intelligence. The questions comprise a mixture of vocabulary, number series, and images.

Furthermore, this online IQ test tool doesn’t collect user information, unlike most online free IQ tests.

2. Free-IQTest.net:

The name explains all you need to know about Free-IQTest. It’s one of the most accurate online IQ test tools out there. Plus, it provides instant results.

To start your test, all you need to do is enter your date of birth. Apart from this, Free-IQTest won’t request any other information.

After providing your date of birth, click on the “Start the test” button to proceed. You’ll find 20 challenging questions, which you have to complete in 15 minutes.

This tool doesn’t let you see the answers, so you won’t know the ones you got right and failed. The best it can do is to allow you to revisit the questions once more. However, the only drawback with this is that it’s a time-consuming process.

3. Wechslertest.com:

This free online IQ test a bit more organized than a host of others. It boasts a timer and 15 solid test questions. You have to complete the test questions in 15 minutes. Once the time elapses, the result for the ones you have done already would be displayed.

You won’t find the answers to the questions to know the ones you got right or wrong. Wechsler Test displays only the score. It doesn’t have image questions, and IQ tests are straightforward.

Besides the 15 minutes quick test, Wechsler Test offers a 30 minutes full IQ test, which provides more questions. So, you can decide which test you want to take. Is it the quick one or the full IQ test?

4. 123Test.com:

123Test is a top platform for IQ tests. Additionally, it offers diverse questions, allowing job seekers to practice and boasts their IQ score for job tests. The tool boasts various problems and a demo that introduces beginners to IQ tests.

This online IQ test usually requests user information, but you have absolutely nothing to fear. It will only ask for basic information such as educational level, age, country, and gender.

123Test offers two different types of tests. These include Classical and Cultural Fair. Unfortunately, it’s not a completely free IQ test platform. Even the free version boasts a range of shorter questions. Users have to pay $8.99 to have access to the more extended version.

For users preparing for an upcoming job test, 123Test is a wise choice. The only issue is that one has to pay to access the questions. But the psychological tests are free, according to the website.

5. Tiptop Globe.com:

Tiptop Globe free online IQ test offers 40 questions, which you must complete within 30 minutes. They have a list of IQ scores of various scholars, politicians, inventors, artists, past presidents, military leaders, etc. The score is a good motivation for people to take their IQ tests seriously.

Tiptop Globe has no age restrictions. Anyone can take an IQ test, provided the device used has internet access. The results come out instantly after the trial.

What many people don’t like about this platform is the ads. They can be so annoying at times. But then, you can’t blame them. Money generated from advertisements helps them to maintain and keep the website going.

6. IQTest.com:

IQTest boasts a professional-looking website, which sets it apart. It offers 38 true or false questions with a timer.

According to the website, the average test taker completes the test in 13 minutes. However, finishing faster raises your test score. But the most important is choosing the correct answers.

The results are instantaneous, and there’s no age restriction on who can use the platform. Just ensure you have stable internet and ready to give maximum concentration before clicking the “take the test” button.

7. IQTest-center.com:

If you prefer image-based IQ tests, you’ll enjoy using this platform. It doesn’t require knowledge of mathematics, literature, or grammar. The questions come designed to test one’s logical thinking ability and figure out how smart you are.

The website claims that the solutions have been verified since 1945, which, if valid, would offer quite an assurance to users.

This IQ test-center is open to people aged 6 to 80 years, and it’s completely free. The only setback is the absence of time constraints, which might make some users lazy. Most people won’t even take the test score seriously.


With thousands of likes on Facebook, IQExam seems like a promising platform. It’s free and offers participants a certificate that would bear their test score.

IQExam requires registration. Users must also be 18 years and above. The platform offers 25 questions, and users have 60 seconds to complete each of them.

In general, IQExam offers a psychometric exam aimed at measuring users’ cognitive performance across several areas. These include word analysis and spatial reasoning.

The fact that Virginia Tech University Experts are credited as the developers of this test makes it more authentic.

9. Intelligencetest.com:

Formerly called IQTestLab, Intelligence Test seeks to revolutionize online IQ tests. The website doesn’t just look professional. It comes loaded with diverse brain-racking questions across various fields.

If you’re new to IQ tests, Intelligence Test offers practice questions across various fields. These practice questions will provide you with a great idea of how the real questions would be.

They include verbal abilities, pattern recognition, spatial orientation, mathematics, visualization, logical reasoning, classification, working memory, general knowledge, and problem sensitivity.

For the real questions, Intelligence Test offers you 30 questions, which you must complete in 15 minutes.

10. Simple-IQ.com:

The name doesn’t do much justice to this online IQ test platform. It’s a true or false question, which is why many may consider it a simple online IQ test.

Simple IQ Test is free and doesn’t have an age limit. A user doesn’t need to register before making use of the platform too. Just enter the web address on your computer or mobile device and get started.

The fact that the website is mobile-friendly makes Simple IQ Test a great platform. You can even take your tests on the go and get the results instantly. The platform is accurate to a higher degree.

11. Testyourself.psychtest.com:

If you’re seeking a long and challenging online IQ test, the Psych Test is a wise choice. You’ll find 57 questions, which you must complete in 30 minutes or less. The maximum duration is 30 minutes for the questions. So, you have to think fast and give maximum concentration.

This online IQ test offers questions from diverse areas. These include logical reasoning, mathematics, and language to spatial relations.

However, before accessing your IQ test score, you have to provide certain information to Psyche Test. The platform regards it as a form of research. And the information includes your age, gender, ethnicity, and religion.

You won’t be asked to provide your house address number, health report, and other sensitive information.

You can also access your IQ test score without paying a dime. But if you want to see how you performed in each category, you need to make some payment for the complete report.

12. Funeducation.com:

Fun Education is another free online IQ test designed to prepare individuals to take the more advanced test. It consists of 43 questions, but unfortunately, there’s no time limit. And this alone may serve as a drawback for many interested users.

The questions cover diverse areas, ranging from spatial reasoning, word analysis, letter-number, quantitative skills, sequencing, and verbal reasoning. You’ll also find multiple choice questions, including the ones that require typing the answer.

Three things set this platform apart. One is the wide variety of questions available. Another is the fact that it doesn’t allow users to go back and change a wrong answer. Finally, you’ll find the IQ test score for different categories. Fun Education also allows you to see the answers you got wrong.

So, it’s an excellent preparatory IQ test platform. This platform will also display your IQ result in a bar graph in different categories so that you can compare your performance. These include gender, job, education, and nationality that you belong.

13. Seemypersonality.com:

If you’re seeking a fast-paced IQ test to know how quickly your brain works under pressure, See My Personality is a top choice. The time for each question is short. So, you must be ready to give maximum concentration throughout.

One thing that sets this free online IQ test platform apart is that you can pause and resume the questions until you’re ready to continue. The questions also cover multiple areas such as visual designs, word comprehension, perception, memory, numerical sequences, spatial relations, and logic.

At the start of each IQ test section, you’ll find detailed instruction and sample questions to enable you to understand how to answer them. See My Personality IQ test will send your IQ score to your email address when you complete the test.

14. Memorado.com:

On Memorado, the IQ test is entirely free. Users can take the tests anywhere in the world. The platform does offer 18 multiple choice questions, with each question having approximately two to four options.

Memorado offers IQ test scores and includes a brief description. And this makes them a bit different from the others. The description contains write-ups like, “you’re better than the average,” and “you’re in the top 2 %.”

Once your result is out, you can share it on Twitter or Facebook with just one click.

15. FreeIQTest.Info:

As the name implies, this online IQ test is entirely free. It offers you 20 questions, which you must answer very fast. Your result isn’t just based on the correctness of the answers. It also involves how quickly you’re able to complete the questions.

After completing the test, FreeIQTest will display not only your IQ score. You’ll also learn about the time it took you to finish the test, including your status. Your status can be “severely challenged” or “Gifted.” That’s how the platform ranks users.

You will receive a badge showing your IQ, which you can share with your friends and family whenever you please.


So these are the best free online IQ test platforms. Most of them have age limits, while others don’t. Most of these platforms are more advanced and off challenging questions, while others are simple. The simple ones offer true or false questions, and some don’t have a time constraint.

You can go through the list to find the IQ test platform most suitable for you. You can even start with the simple ones and walk your way up. The most important thing is conducting the test to know your IQ. Doing so can even boost your confidence level. It would enable you to believe in yourself more.

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