250 Lily Pulitzer Print Names: A Guide To The Most Popular And Unique Designs

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lily pulitzer print names

Welcome to our guide to the most popular and unique Lily Pulitzer print names! Lily Pulitzer is a beloved fashion brand that has captured the hearts of many with its bright colors, playful designs, and intricate patterns. One of the most distinctive features of the brand is its unique print names, each one inspired by the natural world, travel destinations, and everyday life. From classic designs like “Pink Flamingos” to playful names like “Gimme Some Leg”, there is a Lily Pulitzer print for every personality and style. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at 250 of the most vibrant and whimsical Lily Pulitzer print names, exploring their history and influence on fashion and home decor trends. So, whether you’re a longtime fan of the brand or a newcomer, get ready to discover the inspiration behind these unique designs and add some fun and color to your wardrobe and home decor!

History Of Lily Pulitzer Print Names

Lily Pulitzer started her fashion brand in the 1960s, creating colorful and playful dresses that soon became a hit among affluent women in Palm Beach, Florida. As the brand grew, Lilly introduced new patterns and prints, each with a unique name that reflected the design’s inspiration. Some of the early print names included “The Zoo”, “The Jungle”, and “Monkey Business”, all featuring whimsical animal motifs. Over the years, Lily Pulitzer has continued to introduce new prints, each with a unique and memorable name.

25+ Vibrant And Whimsical Lily Pulitzer Print Names You Need To Know

One of the most popular Lily Pulitzer prints is “Pink Flamingos”, a bright pink and green pattern featuring the iconic bird. Another favorite is “Shell We Dance”, a sea-inspired print with delicate shells and coral. “First Impressions” is a classic design that features white palm trees on a bright pink background, while “Catch the Wave” is a playful pattern with blue and green waves.

  1. Lobstah Roll
  2. Gimme Some Leg
  3. So A Peeling
  4. Oh Shello
  5. Flamenco Beach
  6. Fan Sea Pants
  7. Multi Flamingle
  8. Sea Ruffles
  9. Bananas for You
  10. Beach Please
  11. Poolside
  12. Mermaid in the Shade
  13. Squeeze the Day
  14. Aboat Time
  15. Pineapple Shake-Up
  16. All Nighter
  17. Swizzle In
  18. Tusk in Sun
  19. Turtley Awesome
  20. Tiki Canopy
  21. Garden by the Sea
  22. Get Crackin
  23. Heads in the Sand
  24. Hotty Pink
  25. Jellies Be Jammin
  26. Kaleidoscope Coral
  27. Lovers Coral
  28. Macarena Watermelon
  29. You Gotta Regatta.

Unique And Playful  Lily Pulitzer Print Names To Add Some Whimsy To Your Wardrobe

Lily Pulitzer is known for its creative and quirky print names that often incorporate puns and wordplay. Some unique print names include “Gimme Some Leg”, a colorful pattern with flamingos and palm trees, “Lobstah Roll”, a nautical-inspired design with lobsters and sailboats, and “So A Peeling”, a citrus-inspired print with lemons and limes. Other fun names include “Oh Shello” and “Flamenco Beach”.

  1. Beachcomber
  2. Beach Bathers
  3. Beach Happy
  4. Beach Please
  5. Bee’s Knees
  6. Bits and Pieces
  7. Boho Bateau
  8. Catch the Wave
  9. Coconut Jungle
  10. Coral Cay
  11. Fan Sea Pants
  12. Flock You
  13. Garden by the Sea
  14. Gypset Paradise
  15. Happy Holla Days
  16. In the Vias
  17. Jungle Utopia
  18. Lagoon Sarong
  19. Lovers Coral
  20. Macarena Watermelon
  21. Night Crawler
  22. Party Thyme
  23. Pineapple Shake-Up
  24. Plaid About You
  25. Polka Dot Parade
  26. Rainbow Connection
  27. Sailing Stripe
  28. Sea Spray
  29. Seashell Pink
  30. Shell We
  31. Shorely Blue
  32. Sunny Side Up
  33. Surf Gypsy
  34. Surf’s Up
  35. Swim Trunks
  36. Tusk in Sun Navy
  37. Under the Palms
  38. White Sand Beach
  39. Wild Confetti
  40. Windward Halter
  41. Worth Skinny
  42. Xandra Dress

50+ Rare And Eye-Catching Lily Pulitzer Print Names To Elevate Your Style Game

While Lily Pulitzer has introduced hundreds of prints over the years, some designs are rarer than others. “Watermelon Shake” is a vibrant pattern featuring watermelon slices on a green background, while “Banana Flambe” is a bold print with yellow bananas and orange flames. “Flamingoals” is a playful print with pink flamingos and beach balls, and “Pineapple Shake-Up” is a colorful design with pineapple slices and tropical flowers. “Tusk in Sun” is a unique elephant print with shades of pink, green, and blue.

  1. Anchor’s Away
  2. Beach and Burn
  3. Beach Hopper
  4. Beach Towel
  5. Beachcombing
  6. Beeline
  7. Beyond the Sea
  8. Bird of Paradise
  9. Black Coral
  10. Blue Haven
  11. Blue Lagoon
  12. Blue Seas
  13. Blue Swirls
  14. Blushing Bouquet
  15. Bohemian Beauty
  16. Boho Beach
  17. Breezy Palms
  18. Bright Coral
  19. Caliente Coral
  20. Caribbean Splash
  21. Catch of the Day
  22. Cheetah Chatter
  23. Citrus Crush
  24. Coastal Cabana
  25. Coastal Cocktail
  26. Coastal Cool
  27. Coastal Escape
  28. Coastal Floral
  29. Coral Reef
  30. Crabby
  31. Crazy for Coral
  32. Crocodile Tears
  33. Cute and Coral
  34. Deep Sea
  35. Destination Unknown
  36. Dive In
  37. Electric Coral
  38. Elephant Parade
  39. Fan Favorite
  40. Festival Fuchsia
  41. Fiesta Florals
  42. Fish Tales
  43. Flock of Color
  44. Flower Power
  45. Fronds Forever
  46. Funky Ferns
  47. Garden Party
  48. Ginger Blossom
  49. Go Bananas
  50. Golden Pineapple
  51. Grapefruit Grove
  52. Great Beyond
  53. Gypsy Jungle
  54. Happy Hearts
  55. Hibiscus Haze
  56. Honeysuckle
  57. In Full Bloom
  58. In the Wild
  59. Island Time
  60. Jungle Fever
  61. Jungle Jive
  62. Just Peachy
  63. Kaleidoscope
  64. Key Lime
  65. Ladybug Love
  66. Lemon Twist
  67. Leopard Spots
  68. Life’s a Beach
  69. Light as a Feather
  70. Lilac Lane
  71. Lilly’s Lagoon
  72. Lion’s Share
  73. Little Fishies
  74. Lobster Bis

Popular Lily Pulitzer Print Names In Fashion And Home Decor

Lily Pulitzer prints have become iconic in the world of fashion and home decor, inspiring a wide range of products such as clothing, bedding, towels, and even furniture. The brand’s unique print names have also contributed to its popularity, with fans often seeking out specific designs by name. Some Lily Pulitzer prints have even become collector’s items, with rare designs selling for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

  1. Catch the Wave
  2. Coral Cay
  3. Fan Sea Pants
  4. First Impressions
  5. Garden by the Sea
  6. Gimme Some Leg
  7. Jungle Utopia
  8. Lovers Coral
  9. Macarena Watermelon
  10. Mermaid in the Shade
  11. Oh Shello
  12. Pineapple Shake-Up
  13. Pink Flamingos
  14. Poolside
  15. Squeeze the Day
  16. Swizzle In
  17. Tusk on Sun
  18. You Gotta Regatta
  19. Beach Please
  20. Lobstah Roll
  21. So A Peeling
  22. Flamenco Beach
  23. Multi Flamingle
  24. Sea Ruffles
  25. Bananas for You
  26. Heads in the Sand
  27. Hotty Pink
  28. Jellies Be Jammin
  29. Kaleidoscope Coral
  30. Zookeeper
  31. Watermelon Shake
  32. Banana Flambe
  33. Shell We Dance
  34. All Nighter
  35. Beachcomber
  36. Beach Happy
  37. Bee’s Knees
  38. Boho Bateau
  39. Coconut Jungle
  40. Flock You
  41. Gypset Paradise
  42. Happy Holla Days
  43. In the Vias
  44. Jungle Jive
  45. Ladybug Love
  46. Lemon Twist
  47. Lilac Lane
  48. Lion’s Share
  49. Lobster Bisque
  50. Mahi-Mahi Madness
  51. Mango Tango
  52. Marina Melon
  53. Midnight Jungle
  54. Monarch of the Jungle
  55. Nautical Nonsense
  56. Ocean Blue
  57. Orchid Obsession
  58. Painted Palms
  59. Palm Beach Pink
  60. Palm Springs
  61. Passionfruit Punch
  62. Peacock Punch
  63. Peony Power
  64. Pina Colada
  65. Pink Elephants
  66. Pink Sands
  67. Poppy Print
  68. Pretty in Pink
  69. Rainbow Connection
  70. Rattan Print
  71. Red Snapper
  72. Retro Palm
  73. Sailing Stripe
  74. Sea Breeze
  75. Sea Glass
  76. Sea Serpent
  77. Seaside Escape
  78. Shell Shock
  79. Sunset Safari
  80. Tiki Canopy
  81. Turtley Awesome
  82. Wild Confetti
  83. Beyond the Sea
  84. Blue Lagoon
  85. Blue Seas
  86. Coastal Cool
  87. Coastal Escape
  88. Coral Reef
  89. Deep Sea
  90. Dive In
  91. Electric Coral
  92. Fronds Forever
  93. Garden Party
  94. Hibiscus Haze
  95. Honeysuckle
  96. Jungle Fever
  97. Key Lime
  98. Monkey Business
  99. Ocean Drive
  100. Over the Rainbow
  101. Paradise Cove
  102. Pink Lemonade
  103. Pink-a-Boo
  104. Polka Dot Parade
  105. Pool Party
  106. Preppy Palm
  107. Sea Spray
  108. Seashell Pink
  109. Shell We
  110. Shorely Blue
  111. Sunny Side Up
  112. Surf Gypsy
  113. Surf’s Up
  114. Swim Trunks
  115. Tusk in Sun Navy
  116. Under the Palms
  117. White Sand Beach
  118. Wild Confetti
  119. Windward Halter
  120. Worth Skinny
  121. Xandra Dress


Lily Pulitzer print names are not only a fun and playful way to add a pop of color and personality to your wardrobe or home decor, but they are also a reflection of Lilly Pulitzer’s unique design philosophy. The brand’s prints are inspired by everything from nature and exotic travel destinations to everyday objects and experiences, giving them a distinct and memorable quality.

Whether you prefer classic designs like “Pink Flamingos” or more unique names like “Gimme Some Leg”, you’re sure to find a Lily Pulitzer print that perfectly suits your style and personality. And the great thing about these prints is that they are not limited to clothing; you can find them on a variety of products such as home decor items, accessories, and even stationery.

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