Working Moms: How to Choose the Perfect Breast Pump


Balancing work and the demands of new motherhood are tricky. Many women need to go back to work within a certain time frame. They also want to do all they can to help feed their babies. While formula is a perfectly acceptable substitute for mother’s milk, many women prefer to give their children milk from their own body. If the working mother isn’t able to spend time with her baby, someone else can feed her baby with her own milk. One of the best ways to get enough milk is to use a breast pump. Breast pumps can be attached to the women’s body and used as she is doing something else. They can also be used in a room set aside for the purpose of pumping at work. When searching for the right pump, a new mom should take several factors into consideration during her search.

Hand Pumps

Hand pumps are one option many women like. These pumps have many pluses. They are relatively small. Many can easily fit inside a woman’s handbag or be left at work in a desk drawer. Hand pumps are also fairly uncomplicated. The woman attaches the cup to her breast and then starts pumping. The milk goes into a bottle underneath the pump. It can be later emptied into a storage bag. For those who who only part-time or have lots of milk, this can be an ideal choice. However, these pumps have some minor drawbacks. Some can take a lot of pressure to begin and require a lot of pressure to continue working. They also may not be as efficient as an electric model. A hand pump can be useful as a backup to an electric model.

Electric Pumps

Electric pumps are powered by electricity. Large models used by hospitals can be rented out and kept at home. These are good for women who may work out of a home office. Women can also buy their own electric pumps. These typically retail for several hundred dollars or more depending on the model. Electric pumps are an excellent choice for the woman who works full-time. These types of pumps have several advantages. For one thing, they are fully automatic. This means that the pump has all sorts options that can be customized to each user’s personal preferences. Fully automatic pumps can help a woman effectively get a lot of milk. Most models allow the woman to use the pumps on both of her breasts at the same time. This reduces the amount of time she has to spend pumping each session. Hands-free garments are available that let her work on other things as she pumps milk. These models also work in part by stimulating the baby’s sucking actions. Women who may have trouble with the let down reflex can find them of great use. These pumps are highly popular with many women. They have storage cases that carry the entire unit plus additional supplies. Many have charging units that allow them to be plugged into a car so the woman can charge the unit as she’s driving to work each day. It’s easy to bring these pumps along on any trip and then clean them each night when the woman gets home.

Other Considerations

The kind of pump that’s best for each woman will depend on her personal circumstances. It’s important to buy a new pump if you are going to use a personal electrical pump. Hospital grade pumps are constantly cared for to prevent infection by medical professionals. The same is not true of pumps that a friend may been using or have used in the past. Used pumps can carry illness from one baby to another as they may not have been sterilized properly by the previous owner. You should see if you can try on the pump in the store. Make sure the parts feel comfortable. Cups that are too small or too large may prevent you from pumping properly and getting all the milk. You should also clean all parts after you’re done but the tubes. This will keep it in good working order.

A properly chosen breast pump can make it easier to get right back to work.