Why Your Startup Should Partner with a Backend Development Studio


Unless you have chosen the career path or have worked with developers before, you may not fully understand what front-end and back-end developers are or what they do exactly. It can be difficult to wrap your mind around the concepts. When you add on the programming languages, frameworks, app building and APIs developers use, it starts to get extra confusing. Thankfully, there is a way to understand the concepts enough to know what exactly you need for your startup. Back-end development is a necessity for some.

Back-end Development For Startups

The back-end is often referred to as the “server-side” of the development phase. The front-end is referred to as the “client-side”. Understanding how the back-end of development functions entails having to know how both sides work together. The front-end is what all end users see and is the finished, polished version of everything. On the back-end, this is where everything gets worked on. It is the machinery behind the scenes on the server, databases and the cloud.

No clients see this side of things, but it is what powers everything. The way both ends are done now has changed drastically in the last decade thanks to the introduction of JavaScript. Because of this and the addition of Node.js, there is more of an overlap between both.

When it comes to development, small businesses and startups are needing to find workers with multifaceted skills. Efficiency is key to success for many startups. Instead of hiring a separate developer for the front and back-end development stage, a rise in the popularity and demand for full-stack developers has grown. Full-stack development companies are able to take care of all of the startups’ project development needs.

What Can Full-Stack Developers Accomplish For Startups?

When it comes to development for web programs, there are many tasks full-stack developers can do including:

•Code programs and applications
•Manage web development
•Coordinate with other developers and team members
•Troubleshoot issues
•Develop testing techniques for website applications

Essentially, they have all of the necessary skills to determine how your website will look, work and function. They need to have practical, working knowledge in MySQL, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Apache, MongoDB, Node, CSS and much more. They will be able to work with graphics, animations and designs.

Top Benefits Of Hiring A Full-Stack Developer For Both Back-End and Front-End

•Problem Solving Skills

When hiring a developer for your startup, you will need to look for a candidate that is great with problem-solving skills. This is especially important for businesses that are just starting out. Full-stack developers have the knowledge to handle all steps in a project from start to finish. They are also a more cost-efficient hire for startups.

•Variety of Technical Skills

Full-stack developers are often preferred for startups because they have more potential than experience or knowledge. The companies they are hired for will be able to hone their skillset to meet their specific needs. They will be able to learn the necessary tech skills to grow with the company.

•Management and Executive Skills

Startups can greatly benefit from skills that full-stack developers have. They are able to work on the front-end, middle architecture layers and back-end at the same time. This makes streamlining projects and fixing issues much quicker and efficient.

•Cost-Effective and Quicker

Because full-stack developers can handle all areas of development, they are a more affordable option for startups who are short on funds. They will also be able to get projects accomplished more quickly.


Web design is a huge factor in whether or not visitors, clients or customers will enjoy visiting a website. Full-stack developers will ensure your website is aesthetically appealing, user-friendly and free of issues. They can also stay updated with all of the new coding and web design techniques to ensure your website always has the newest and best features.

•Troubleshooting Website Problems

Because full-stack developers are experienced and knowledgeable about all stages of website development, they will be able to fix any bugs or issues with your startup’s website much quicker. During the development phase, they will be able to diagnose issues and find long-term solutions for them to ensure your websites and applications function at optimal levels. This ensures customer and team satisfaction.