Why the Layout of your Design Matters in Signage


Any business open to the public with a storefront needs signage. You need it both inside and outside of your establishment. A great deal of work goes into making effective signage. The layout of the text and graphics on a sign will make a massive difference. Bad design can harm your business while a good design will lift it up. Here is why the layout of your design matters in signage.

It Affects Your Brand
There are over 1.1 million retail establishments in the country today. This gives consumers a large number of choices when going out to make a purchase. One of the key things that will draw consumers to your business is your brand. The layout of your signage will affect the brand of the business. If your sign layout looks bland and like every other retailer in the area, then consumers are likely to just ignore it. Alternately, if your layout has a distinctive and professional appearance, then consumers are more likely to come into your store from the street even if nothing is needed. You must invest in a good layout for your signage to build your brand and raise awareness of it.

Good Layout Will Inform People
Your signage is meant to be a way to communicate important information about your business to people on the street. You need a good layout so that you can transmit your message to consumers as concisely and quickly as possible. You do not want a jumbled sign that is hard to decipher. You also do not want a sign that conveys nothing more than the name of your business. You need to let people know quickly what your business is about, how you are different from the competition and why individuals should come inside. The right layout will broadcast all of that information in a clear and practical way.

Attract Customers from a Distance
Professionally created signage can do something that many other forms of marketing cannot. The signs can attract customers from a distance that you might not even have been targeting. People will see the sign when looking down the street, parking in a nearby lot or driving by. Your layout is critical here because you want viewers to be able to read and understand the signage from a distance. A straightforward layout with bold contrasting text and eye-catching colors could potentially draw individuals in from some distance away. That will help your business to grow and succeed.

Appeal to a Wide Range of Consumers
Signs are marketing materials that can potentially reach every single person who passed by your establishment. You do not want to exclude anyone with your design and layout. A layout that is geared towards just a single demographic or market segment is likely to alienate other people. A well-designed layout will appeal to a wide range of consumers. This involves creating a layout that anyone will understand regardless of age, gender or occupation. The right layout will ensure that anyone who looks at your signage will feel comfortable coming into your business instead of being deterred.

Maximize Marketing Space
Most businesses in the country spend an average of 9.1 percent of total revenue on marketing. Part of that marketing money goes towards signage. You do not want to waste the money that you spend. The layout of your signage matters because it can maximize your marketing space. You can utilize most or all of the visible area of a sign to convey your brand, message and products or services to everyone. A sign that has a bad layout could actually end up costing you money because space is wasted and the message is never conveyed properly. Taking time to develop an exceptional layout can help to save you money when it comes to your marketing budget.

Signify Professionalism
The signage outside and inside of your store often creates a strong first impression in customers. If you have a poor layout and design for you sign, then consumers might consider your business less than professional, according to Stan’s Sign Design. This can lead to situations where people do not trust your business, your expertise or your establishment as a whole. A good sign layout will signify professionalism. Viewers of the sign will be more likely to trust your business from the start. That can help to increase sales and your customer base over time.