Why Print Marketing is Still Important


There’s so much buzz about online advertising that many of your competitors are forgetting about the importance of print marketing in the digital age. Learning how to optimize your website for search engine results might be hard for you to grasp, but the basics of print marketing has been a staple for business marketing plans ever since the invention of the printing press. Delivering messages to a large volume of consumers in one swoop offers infinite possibilities for your business. If your competition is relying exclusively on digital marketing campaigns, they’re missing out on massive opportunities for exposure that you are about to learn.

Learn how to grow your business by implementing various digital marketing techniques in combination with a few important print marketing activities. A marketing plan must include both digital and traditional means of advertising in order to make the biggest impact upon consumers in any market place. Digital marketing is a cheap way to get in front of the consumer, but traditional marketing through print advertisements is the way for your company to proudly declare its goals, show its products, and introduce itself to consumers. As one company among many competitors, your brand stands the best chance of survival if it incorporates print media into its marketing objectives.

Print Advertisements Create Emotive Responses

In order to create a successful print advertisement, brands aim to find an emotive response in the viewer. According to an article from the University of Southern California, advertisers and marketers aim to achieve an emotive response by using one of two common techniques. The first technique is to achieve an emotional response to an advertisement by appealing to the viewer through the use of an image that is of emotional value in the individual’s personal life, such as an image of an elderly person. The second technique is to use creative skills to impress the viewer, such as bold colors for your ad’s font.

The previously mentioned article from USC contains information about how digital marketers carefully choose how their advertisements are presented. Digital advertisers are scrupulous about the colors they choose, and successful advertisers know exactly which colors will give their ads a better chance of having more people click on a link. The same types of discussions occur surrounding print advertisements, but the cost of print ads is often more expensive than digital advertisements, so marketers must be even more decisive about the choices they make on their advertisements.

Why Print Media is Worth Considering

If you are not sure if print media is the right approach for your business, you should take time to listen to what the academic institutions are saying. Ball State University published an article about the importance of print media in the digital age; in their article, they discuss how print advertisements are considered more trustworthy by consumers. The notion that a company actually went through the process of typing information and printing it out makes the consumer feel more comfortable about buying from the company. Consider how newspapers and magazines you see in the grocery store seem more authoritative than all the ads from random websites that you experience online.

The article from Ball State University goes further into the trustworthy quality of print materials, saying that the consumer doesn’t have to be afraid of getting a computer virus when they reach for a magazine. Businesses that advertise in print materials stand out as reliable companies, and the print media also has the quality of sticking around in the consumer’s life because it is a tangible form of advertising.

Many of the aspects of digital marketing are designed to help companies create conversations and remain relevant in a consumer’s mind. However, print ads are important because they will distinguish your brand from the rest. Make sure to work on creating the perfect balance in your marketing plan.