Top Safety Equipment Your Company Should Invest In


Human resource and asset protection are some of the highest priorities for many businesses. This does not only extend to regular workers but also to visitors including clients, sales representative, consultants, and inspectors. Impending disasters like fires, vandalism, robberies, and other natural tragedies are some of the risks that many companies face. Therefore, businesses should invest in high security and safety equipment. The type of safety equipment required in a business premise usually varies from company to company. The following is a list of top safety equipment every company should invest in.

1. Cameras
Security cameras are important for any business. They allow managers and owners to keep track of everything that goes on in their business premises even when they are not around. When placed in strategic vantage points, cameras monitor customers and workers activities.

Key locations for cameras in your company include, in the business offices, reception area, parking lots, at certain places on a retail store floor, at each entry and exit, in the break room, in a vault. However, when installing cameras, you must keep privacy concerns in mind. Cameras should not be fitted in places like changing areas and restrooms. In addition, the process of camera installation requires a trustworthy company employee or the business owner to be present. Installing cameras deters suspicious activities. However, the system works well if the cameras are frequently monitored.

2. Entry Alarm Systems
Entry alarm systems only allow authorized individuals to enter a building. The systems are a must have for any modern business. Alarm systems can be activated all day and night, at night only, or after business hours. Many business owners use entry alarm systems that require certain codes to open the entryways in a business premise. However, some entry alarm systems use access cards to allow entry into certain areas.

3. Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors
“A fire is one of the worst hazards that can occur in a business environment,” according to Heubel Shaw. Fortunately, modern technology has made it possible for people in a building to get a warning when there is a fire. Fixing smoke detectors and fire alarms are a legal necessity. These devices save people daily. They should be frequently checked to ensure they are in good working conditions.

4. Fire Extinguishers
Both residential and commercial buildings are required to have fire extinguishers. In commercial settings, employees are required to be trained on how to use them. Frequent fire extinguisher maintenance should be carried out to keep them in good condition. There are different types of fire extinguishers available in the market including class ABC fire extinguishers and class K extinguishers. The former are suitable for industrial settings while the latter can be used in residential areas.

5. Locks
Locks have been used for a very long time to offer security. Deadbolt locks, combination locks, and key locks are some of the locks that you can use to secure your business. They are often used on interior and exterior doors. They can also be used on equipment, windows, cabinets and desks. Any possible entrance into a building should always be locked.

6. Safes
A safe is a strong metallic box created to keep sensitive items, cash and other important documents. Any business that keeps financial assets on the premises should have a safe. Traditional safes consist of a combination dial attached to a thick metal bar. When the right combination is entered the safe opens. Modern safes use digital entries.

There are small safe units that fit into a portion of a wall and large separate units that can be placed in a separate room. Some companies put safes in a vault while others place them in their main offices. Only authorized employees should have access to the safe. In addition, they should memorize the combination to prevent unauthorized people from seeing the codes.

7. Signage
Businesses should have signage to guide employees and visitors to various sections of the premise. Exit signs can guide employees and visitors to safety whenever there is a safety hazard in the building.

Where to Find Safety and Security Equipment
Safety and security equipment for businesses can be found in various stores, either in brick-and-mortar stores or online. Certain equipment such as fire extinguishers may be sold by stationers or office supply stores. Used and refurbished equipment can be bought through. Be sure to test safety equipment before purchasing.

Human resources are the most important assets that a business has to protect. By protecting your employees, you protect their lives and ensure everyone is in the best health for work.

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