Top 4 Hair Colors of 2016


Hair has rapidly evolved into a fashion statement for both men and women over the past few decades. With haircuts, accessories, products and color, we continue to introduce new hair trends in whatever way possible. As time goes on, fads and trends come and go, and 2016 is no exception to this phenomena.

Strobing isn’t just for faces anymore! Using colors that are several shades lighter and several shades darker than the base hair color, strobing is performed by applying wide strips of color for contrast in specific places, according to Essence Salon. This technique is unique to each individual’s hair color, face shape, and skin tone, and is meant to accentuate the client’s best features. Lightening sections of hair around the eyes, for example, will raise the cheekbones and open up the eyes.

As with most recent hair color trends such as ombre and balayage, this coloring technique is easier to manage than dying all of your hair more drastically. This style is quickly becoming a favorite among teens and adults alike due to its low maintenance, contouring, and individualized application.

Watercolor Hair
Although rainbow hair and pastels are nothing new, the art of marrying the two trends is the new kid on the block. Watercolor hair is a muted, softer version of rainbow hair that blends gentle pastel hues together to mimic watercolor painting. For this look, hair needs to be bleached to a white sandy blonde before applying colors that have been diluted with a clear gloss treatment. Watercolor hair application is unique to every hairdresser and is done haphazardly, making every head of watercolor hair a one of a kind piece of art.

Watercolor hair should be considered the more professional, adult version of rainbow or pastel hair. It’s wearable and more natural looking with less hair damage, making it a great choice for professionals who want to stay on the cutting edge of fashion. This style of color can cater to every individual not just with color choice, but with application technique as well. While one person may want a gentle diffusion of colors with no clear change, another may want a crystalline effect, making watercolor hair one of the most flexible and personable hair color trends of the year.

Denim Hair
While Granny hair is certainly still thriving, Denim hair has charged into 2016 with full force. As you may have guessed, this trend centers around various shades of denim ranging from pale acid wash to a darker wash. To achieve this headturning look, different shades of silver, blue and purple are used to blend into the perfect color. Best of all, this trend is extremely flexible by selecting the right shade or combining it with other color techniques.

For those who are unsure about the idea, bleaching to a platinum blonde and having the perfect muted denim shade added with a balayage technique may be the perfect style. Ladies with a darker base may want to opt for a dark wash with sombre application for the perfect amount of texture and liveliness, while blondes may consider a stone wash, or perhaps an ombre shift of blue into gray. No matter the technique, denim hair is a gorgeous, striking trend that, much like jeans, suits everybody.

Color Melting Hair
Color melting is similar to ombre except instead of a harsh line where the color shifts, the shades blend seamlessly into one another. This technique blends highlights into the base color of the hair to erase harsh lines and create a smooth transition. As the description may give away, this trend can be used with natural colors and brights such as blues and pinks. Whether it is used to effortlessly blend a silver to pink ombre or a slight color shift from blonde to a barely lighter blonde, color melting is the grown up ombre.

Color melting has many other properties of its sibling ombre, including its low maintenance and striking look. However, this technique also offers a look that convinces others that the highlights and color shifts occurred in nature, even with unnatural colors. Rolling out of bed and looking chic has never been so easy!