The Ultimate Lawn Mower Safety Guide


Before using your lawn mower to cut the grass at your home, you should understand these important safety regulations.

Safety Guideline 1: Keep Lawn Mowers Stored Away From Children and Pets

Never leave a lawn mower where children or pets can get near the item because it has sharp blades and contains combustible fuel. Place your lawn mower in an area where animals and children cannot touch the item. Don’t leave a lawn mower operating on your lawn while your pets or children are in the area. Do not permit a child to use a lawn mower because it can lead to an injury or death.

Safety Guideline 2: Use the Proper Fuel In a Lawn Mower

Use the proper fuel in a lawn mower to prevent a fire or explosion. If it is a gas-powered lawn mower, then use the right type of container to pour the fuel into the machine. Do not turn on a lawn mower while pouring fuel into the lawn mower’s tank. Stay away from flames while using a gas-powered lawn mower, and never smoke cigarettes while mowing a lawn. Keep your hair and clothing away from the liquid fuel to prevent skin irritation or chemical burns.

Safety Guideline 3: Read Your Lawn Mower’s Operating Manual

Before beginning to use your new lawn mower, read the operating manual that is supplied by the manufacturer. Do not throw away the instructional booklet for your lawn mower because you may need it to order replacement parts. To avoid an injury, make sure to read the instruction manual each spring to understand how to use the lawn mower correctly. “When using a lawn mower, push the item rather than pulling it, and never mow wet grass or push the machine through water,” said Bradley Mowers.

Safety Guideline 4: Maintain Your Lawn Mower

Keep your lawn mower in proper condition by having the blades sharpened by an expert, and make sure that it does not have a frayed cord. Don’t use a lawn mower that has a leaking gas tank or dull blades. Verify that the wheels on the lawn mower work easily to avoid having a machine that won’t roll correctly.

Safety Guideline 5: Wear the Right Safety Gear

Experts recommend wearing the right safety gear, including goggles to protect your eyes from flying projectiles. Never use a lawn mower without wearing sturdy footwear that covers your toes and feet. Wear a shirt and slacks to protect your body from projectiles such as rocks or glass.

Safety Guideline 6: Keep Your Hands Away From the Blades

Never put your hands near a lawn mower’s blades when it is running. Make sure to understand how to clean the blades of your lawn mower correctly with it turned off or disconnected from a power cord. Finger lacerations and amputations are two of the most common injuries that can occur when someone is using a lawn mower.

Safety Guideline 7: Don’t Drink Alcohol While Mowing Your Lawn

To avoid a serious injury, never drink alcohol before mowing your lawn. After consuming alcohol, you cannot judge distances or reason properly, and this can lead to making bad choices that are dangerous. On a hot summer day, make sure to drink a lot of water to cope with the high temperatures.

Safety Guideline 8: Avoid Pushing a Lawn Mower Up a Slope

If you have a hilly lawn, then roll the lawn mower downward rather than going up the hills. Turn off the lawn mower before beginning at the top of the slope, and make sure that no one is at the bottom of the hill. If you lose control of the lawn mower, then it will slide down the hill without hitting you or anyone else.

Safety Guideline 9: Prepare Your Lawn for Mowing

Make sure to mow your lawn only when the grass is dry and it isn’t raining to avoid an injury. Prepare your lawn by walking over the surface to find items such as trash, pebbles or toys that can become dangerous flying missiles. While mowing your lawn, carry a cellphone with you to call for assistance from paramedics if an injury does occur.