The Top Winter Fashion Trends for 2016


When the winter season arrives, it always seems like there is something that you must have in the closet in order to fit in with everyone else who is walking on the sidewalks and in the stores. Some of these fashion trends are items that you might not think would be popular because of the colors, patterns and overall design. The trends for 2016 seem to include bright colors, soft materials and a few outrageous patterns.

Ski Jackets
When it’s cold outside, you likely want to have the largest jacket on possible along with gloves, a scarf and maybe even a hat. A trend in 2016 is the waxed ski jacket. It has a large neck and usually two different colors. One color is prominent while the other is depicted on the sleeves and the chest. This jacket has a slick material on the outside to help keep snow and ice that falls while you’re outside repelled.

The Longer, The Better
Most people tend to make sure the sleeves of their shirts come down to the wrists without going any farther. Some people will wear sleeves that come up to the elbows in the winter just so that they have the look of spring while still keeping the arms warm. A fashion trend for 2016 will be extra-long sleeves. These aren’t just a couple of inches longer than the arms. You’ll find shirts and jackets that have sleeves that could reach as far as the thighs, giving a look that you’re wearing a long shawl or a scarf instead of a shirt. The sleeves flow instead of being tight on the arms. This is an option for those who don’t like to wear gloves.

Large Coats
If you remember anything from the 1980s, you probably remember the large coats that made it almost impossible to move, especially if you wore the coat to school and had to wear a bookbag. The puffer coat is coming back around, and the colors of the coats are brilliant. Many of the colors that you’ll see are metallic, such as gold and silver. Some of them are made of a feathery material, making them soft to wear on the coldest days in the winter.

Covering The Neck
One of the pieces of clothing that you might not want in your closet is a turtleneck. It’s sometimes restrictive and can make it difficult to wear with a coat or to match with pants or a skirt. However, this is one of the winter trends that you don’t want to miss. You’ll see that wearing the turtleneck under a dress, such as a sleeveless blue-jean dress, is one of the outfits that you should have in the closet. A white turtleneck is ideal and will be a prominent color, but any solid color will work under a dress as long as the dress is sleeveless so that the shirt is the highlight of the ensemble.

Platform Shoes
There are quite a few things from the 1980s and early 1990s that are coming back into fashion. When it comes to shoes, platform boots are going to be the talk for 2016. They will be seen in fun patterns, such as animal prints, or in metallic colors that include gold or silver. The boots will be made of everything from patent leather to plush materials that are soft to the touch.

You’ve probably seen the fun styles that are delivered by stylish companies online. There are bright colors, fun patterns and soft materials of leggings that have been a huge hit for the past year. Vintage Fringe said, “With more designs being developed and more people finding out just how comfortable and versatile they are, leggings will be at the top of the fashion list for the winter 2016 season.”