The Top Moving Violations Truckers Face and How to Avoid Them


Being a truck driver is a hard job. It requires long hours, dealing with traffic congestion, and a whole lot of time spent alone. Unforgettably, tractor-trailers are responsible for many accidents on the roads. These vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded, and the common passenger vehicle does not stand a chance next to them. So what are the most common moving violations that truckers face?

1. Speeding
In most states, the maximum speed for a truck driver is 55 miles per hour. In some states, they are allowed to go up to 65 miles per hour. A truck should never go any higher than this as most accidents occur at around 75 miles per hour. The tires can blow and shred at anything over 80 miles per hour, as they are not made for speeds higher than that. Speeding is the number one moving violation that a trucker faces. It can add points to the driver’s license, and they can lose their job because of this infraction.

2. Tire Tread
One of the biggest problems that CSA officials find is a tire tread that is not acceptable. CDL Consultant said, “Nearly 11 percent of all violations written are for tire issues.” The steer tires are required to have a depth of 4/32 inches. The other tires must maintain 2/32 inches. It is important to do both pre-trip and post-trip inspections and to make sure the tires are acceptable. Not having the right tire tread can cause a trucker to park.

3. Medical Issues
Did you know that if a trucker drives while medically ill, it is a violation of 10 points? Common medical issues will get a trucker a CSA point value of 2-3 points. A valid medical certificate is required for all conditions that other need to be aware of. These account for one out of every eight moving violations.

4. Not Updating Driving Logs
Though it only counts as one CSA point, one out of every eight traffic stops shows that the driving logs are not updated. These logs should always be kept current up until the last time their duty status changed. Electronic logs will be the new normal soon, which will help keep everyone in the loop regarding this major issue. In order to avoid a violation, the log book must have the last time the driver stepped behind the wheel shown.

5. Brake Issues
Brake issues are one of the main items that cause so many accidents, but they are also an issue that causes many violations. There were more than one million brake violations last year alone. The CSA points are only four, but it can cause an accident. Brakes should always be inspected before and after each trip. A skilled driver can make adjustments when necessary. Drivers must know what to look for to avoid getting a violation for brake issues.

6. Lighting Problems
Almost 28 percent of all moving violations truckers faced were due to lighting problems. There are a lot of lights on a truck, but making sure that they are all in working order is a big job that must be done. It can be up to six points for a blown light, and reflective tape can be three points. These are things that should be caught in the pre-trip and post-trip inspections. Checking the lights before heading out could save a trucker’s CDL license.

There are many other infractions that the trucker finds themselves privy too on the roadways. It is imperative to take the time and do the pre-trip and post-trip inspections well. By really going over all the items on the inspection sheet, it can save many violations and problems down the highway.