The Top Hobby Choices from a Global Perspective


Hobbies can be what make life worth living. They enrich us, and give us something fun to do to pass the time. What’s best about them is that there’s really something for everyone. From outdoor activities like boating, hiking or fishing, to indoor ones like coin collecting, animal fancy and video games, there are a lot of options. But looking at the most common hobbies globally has some value, as you will have more resources to turn to and others to meet who share your hobby. Here’s just a small sampling of the top hobby choices from a global perspective.

Video Games
The video game industry continues to grow, with both major studios and independent ones distributing games through platforms like Steam. With the popularity of Internet personalities who play or review games for entertainment, it seems more and more people are into video games. Some video games, most notoriously StarCraft II, have achieved such success that people around the world play them in a similar manner to professional athletes in tournaments. Playing video games, as well as other hobbies, can actually make you more productive at work.

Like the video game industry, the advent of self-publishing options have allowed for more books to be published than ever before. Many books are translated into other languages, allowing people from different cultures to find commonality and learn a little something about the rest of the world. Since books come in all genres, people can usually find something they enjoy reading about, whether fictional or non-fictional.

Arts and Crafts
Whether it’s sewing, knitting, miniatures, scrapbooking, drawing, or anything in between, arts and crafts have always been a major hobby of people around the globe. Art gives a creative outlet to the soul, allowing a person to create something that is uniquely theirs. This hobby can also have great monetary benefit no matter where in the world you are, because foreign art is very popular with collectors and there are many free-trade organizations that allow art to be bought and sold in many different countries. Knitting and sewing have even been shown to have health benefits.

Sports are loved and played the world over. Millions of people enjoy playing a sport themselves or siding with a team and cheering them on from the sidelines. In the United States, Fantasy Football has become a booming industry. Competitive sportsmanship is something that just seems to be in the human condition, as whether or not you have a budget, you can set up a game and play, or even come up with your own sport.

Whether it’s cards, stamps, coins, toys, or just about anything, people find joy in collecting a type of item they like. Magic: The Gathering is played around the world and tournaments are even hosted in foreign countries. Many adults collect toy series that they fell in love with as children, such as My Little Pony and Transformers. “Collecting doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby either, making it something people of different financial ability can do,” said Rui Yong Hobby.

While traveling can be expensive, many people enjoy doing it, and doing it often, especially if they’re retirees. Most people express a desire to travel to another country and experience another culture, or even just to relax on a tropical beach somewhere. Traveling doesn’t have to be international either – there are many fun places to go within a state or country. The great thing about traveling is people with varied interests can find something to do. For example, you may like going to different restaurants and sampling local food and culture, while someone else might like visiting museums and learning new things.

Since cooking meals is something people have to do anyway to survive, it’s understandably something just about everyone does around the globe. Many people see cooking as something more than just feeding themselves – it’s an art, and a lot of people have fun experimenting and coming up with different concoctions and trying new things. Thanks to the Internet, it’s very easy to post a recipe online and share it with others.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to hobbies, but it’s always nice to be into something a lot of other people are into as well, because you have a community with which to share your passion and seek advice. Whether you attend conventions, talk to other enthusiasts online or just need to ask for help when you run into a problem, many people are into the hobbies listed above. Have fun!

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