The Power of SMS Marketing


There are billions of people all over the world that have access to a smartphone everyday, and that number continues to rise. For business owners and other organizations, using SMS marketing can prove to be extremely beneficial for gaining sales and attracting support for your cause. The possibilities of developing an effective SMS marketing campaign are substantial for significant reasons. Consider some of the reasons why SMS marketing is so powerful and effective in modern times.

To Find and Connect With Your Target Audience

If you want to reach out to and connect with your target population, SMS marketing can make it possible. The Pew Research Center states that nearly 95% of Americans have access to a cell phone of some kind. Even simpler models, such as the flip phone, have the ability to receive and send text messages.

The opportunity offered by SMS marketing means that you can reach the coveted millennial market, business professionals, Baby Boomers, and even senior citizens in the blink of an eye. With so many members of the population with access to a cell phone or smartphone, it only makes sense to use SMS messaging to spread awareness and trigger sales with the individuals who are interested in what you are offering.

Improving Your Marketing Efforts

If you want to take the step to increase your marketing success, you can use SMS messaging to gain an advantage. Forbes declares that open rates for SMS messages are even higher than email open rates by up to 98%, so tailoring your messages for specific customer segments can be truly effective. If you are investing more money in traditional or social media advertising, you can stretch your marketing dollars further without compromising your ability to reach customers.

Engaging Directly With Customers

With so many people with a smartphone in their hands right now on in close proximity, SMS marketing is seen as a brilliant avenue to promote your business or organization. The Huffington Post suggests that SMS marketing is one of the easiest ways that you can engage with customers, promote limited-time only sales, and even learn more about your customers. Consumers that may not feel like talking to a customer service agent or reading a lengthy email can simply offer their feedback on products and services, and ask questions in a comfortable, simple texting environment.

Marketing Without Using Data is Possible

Although many people have some type of access to the internet at home, on their smartphone, or in the local community, many are subject to data caps and may use up their data for each month. However, senders can receive an SMS message even if they have exceeded their data limit, or if they lack a direct connection to the internet. In addition, making phone calls can lead to customers or prospective clients missing the live connection, but texts remain in the messaging tab until the sender reads or deletes them.

Makes Calls-to-Action Simpler and More Powerful

An excellent call-to-action can go a long way in the texting environment. Many consumers have become weary of clicking on visual advertisements due to being bombarded by ads on the internet, television, radio, and by billboard most of the day. Without all of the distractions of loading images and the fanfare of intricate fonts and distracting designs, you can clearly spread information through SMS marketing with greater ease.

Company leaders who use SMS marketing can acquire an angle that even their competitors may not be accessing. If you own a business or lead an organization, using SMS marketing can give you an edge, save marketing dollars, and help you reach your desired target audience with less effort. In addition to SMS marketing, you should also make sure that your company or organization’s website and sales funnels are mobile-optimized for the best outcomes.