The Most Common Uses for a Pressure Washing System


Many people own pressure washing systems and use them for various functions. You may have seen people use these washers to clean window blinds, car seats, or even air conditioner filters.

IBISWorld released a report in 2014 stating the pressure washing industry employs approximately 182,073 workers in the United States alone and generates about $9 billion in revenue. The most common uses listed in the report include:
• Washing windows
• Cleaning drains, ducts and gutters
• Cleaning swimming pools
• Washing parking lots and driveways
• Chimney sweep services
• Other outdoor maintenance and cleaning activities

This list, however, relates more to the commercial uses rather than the residential applications of a pressure washing system. After taking both commercial and residential applications into consideration, listed below are the most common uses for a pressure washing system.

1. Cleaning garage floors and driveways
Almost every homeowner who owns a pressure washing system will apply it to wash the floor of their garage and their driveways. The alternative is a lot of manual work, time-consuming, tedious, cumbersome, and inefficient. As such, the convenience, ease of application, and efficiency of using a pressure washer to clean garage floors and driveways have made it kind of a norm today.

2. Cleaning concrete and tile patios
During the summer months, most people entertain their guests on their concrete or brick patios. Both the front and back patios are in constant use during this period. The patio is usually where the barbecue grill is located, making it an ideal hangout and enjoyable location during summer parties. The regular use of terraces has significantly contributed to the increased use of pressure washing systems for this specific function.

3. Cleaning of front entrance walkways and stairs
The importance of curb appeal is quite apparent today, particularly when it comes to selling a house, a fact well known to realtors. As such, there is often almost nothing quite as important as a clean and attractive front entrance. Aqua Force Pressure Washing Services said, “Front entrance walkways and stairs appeal to the eye more when clean, which has led homeowners to increase their application of pressure washers to the cleaning of these areas.”

4. Cleaning wooden decks
Wooden decks usually get rather slippery when dirty. As such cleaning often poses quite a challenge for homeowners. The flexibility and portability afforded by pressure washing systems often come in handy whenever the need to clean decks arises.

5. Cleaning the exterior parts of houses such as windows and vinyl or brick stone sidings
It is always pleasantly surprising to note how much better and transformed a house looks whenever it is clean. Most homeowners use pressure washers to clean exterior house sidings such as vinyl and brick houses, as well as exterior features such as windows.

6. Cleaning of all types of fences
It makes a lot of sense that cleaning the surface of home fencing is among the most common uses of a pressure washing systems, especially since most people today have homes that feature a fence. Pressure washers are also used to clean wooden fences.

7. Washing trucks and cars
It might come as a surprise that trucks and cars are not the number one residential use of pressure washers. This is because although a lot of people often clean their vehicles using a pressure washing system, cars still require the use of either a suitable brush or solid sponge to get it fully clean.

8. Washing a variety of gear including bikes, lawn mowers, boats and trailers
Although this is a little bit of a random categorization, it includes lawn mowers, boats, bikes, trailers as well as additional things usually found around the home such as go karts and dog houses. A lot of people also use a pressure washer to clean their other power equipment, especially since its ease of use and maneuverability enable such tasks.

9. Washing outdoor Furniture
Because the utilization of a pressure washer to clean outdoor furniture makes performing the work quick and easy, the convenience has led more people towards this particular usage.

10. Cleaning grills
Many homeowners and businesses employ pressure washing systems to clean their grills quickly and efficiently. It is important to be sure you have detached the propane and any electrical connections before you can utilize a pressure washer to clean your grill.

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