The Importance of Having Wi-Fi Customers Can Use at a Business


Every business that profits from walk-in customers should offer free Wi-Fi access to increase customer loyalty and, consequently, sales. We will show in this article that by offering free Wi-Fi access to customers, companies can increase the value of their business.

While the majority of smart-device users operate on mobile data networks, these networks are typically not as fast as local Wi-Fi networks. If this were not the case then the majority of telecommunications companies would be going out of business today. Internet users at home are operating on their own Wi-Fi networks because they are simply more reliable. Why wouldn’t a company provide this same level of accessibility to customers?

If an establishment can provide their customers with the same level of data-speed as is available at their homes or places of work, customers will feel more comfortable. Comfortable, happy customers are repeat customers.

Another reason a smart business will provide free Wi-Fi to their customers is that it provide them with better access to the company’s own technology. A good example of this is found in the trend of retail businesses creating their own customer reward apps. These apps reward customers with coupons and discounts for loyalty to the company. These businesses, however, run into problems when customers cannot access their apps due to network performance or connection issues. Many of these apps are designed for use right at the point-of-sale so, if network issues exist, so do frustrated customers, slowed operations and lost business. While this should be obvious, there are still many businesses that, while understanding that the use of apps can increase their loyalty base, are not updating their infrastructure to accommodate them.

The free market has a funny way of choosing which companies succeed and which do not. If we study modern, successful business models we see that one core tenet of their success is the use of simple yet effective solutions. If a customer stumbles upon a business to find that the company’s products, services and solutions are easy to use and do not require many steps, they will choose that company over another offering similar solutions yet more steps.

Look at Google. If one goes to all they see a search bar. That is the epitome of this simplicity. What about apps that make anything from buying and selling products to trading a stock online possible with a few taps or clicks? Free Wi-Fi is just another way a business can make the entire sales process more efficient by eliminating the step of “getting online.” A company’s free public Wi-Fi should be robust enough to handle their full customer load and maintained by someone who knows what they are doing.

Setting up a free, public wife network? A smaller business can employ the cliché “IT guy” to serve this purpose. A retail business only needs a few tech savvy individuals to accomplish this goal. Larger businesses need to assemble an IT team as a larger business requires a more robust network.

Smart businesses realized a long time ago that the more efficiently their technology operates, the better the business itself operates. One interesting observation is that the younger generations have a very strong understanding of these technologies being essentially “born into” them. A business should take no shame in consulting one of these bright young individuals to help them set up their local Wi-Fi network.

To conclude, we have seen that by offering a strong, freely available, reliable private Wi-Fi network to customers, a tech savvy company can increase their loyal customer base and sales.