The Importance of Good Quality Food Machinery Lubrication

Food machinery lubricants need to be approved for incidental food contact if they are to meet the good quality threshold. Non-tacky and translucent lubricants are also desirable and are largely useful for food machinery. It goes without saying that the cleanliness of a lubricant is also very important. All these qualities and many more separate good quality food machinery lubrication from the rest of the pack. Why is all this important? Should you care? Or will all lubricants work as well as you desire? Let us get some answers.

Washdown of Food Equipment

You will agree with me that food equipment require to be cleaned frequently. Most foods are biodegradable and if particles are left behind they are likely to affect the next products that will be in the equipment. Lubricants that are non-tacky will ensure that the cleaning process is less daunting. Their smooth texture will also guarantee a clean wash. Given that they are transported through pipes, their flow will be seamless thanks to the fine texture.

Pleasant To Work With

None of your maintenance personnel loves to deal with nauseating smells while taking care of your equipment. You’ll agree with me that a happy employee guarantees efficient service delivery. Good quality lubricants will lend you a hand in your quest of getting the best from your maintenance guys. They are usually odor-free providing a refreshingly pleasant experience for your personnel. In the long run, you are the ultimate winner.

Easier Visual Inspection

Most, if not all, food equipment are inspected visually from time to time. Lubricants of good quality normally lack pigmentation. They are therefore transparent and sometimes translucent during use. Visual inspection will not be hindered in any way. You will promptly identify any defects in the equipment and handle them before they get out of hand.

Versatility in Extreme Temperatures

Once in a while the food production process requires extremely high temperatures to take care of any contamination. You definitely know this better than I do. On the other hand to preserve food for long periods, refrigeration is used. It is so annoying to have a lubricant that will lose its efficiency in either of the extreme cases.
Good quality lubricants are designed with a wide operating temperature range. You won’t have to worry about oxidation of the lubricant when the temperatures have gone over the roof. The chilling preservation temperatures on the other hand will not impair their mobility. Your equipment will remain in good working condition regardless of what goes on around.The acidic and basic conditions should also not impair their performance. If this is not the case then know that you have received a raw deal.

Adequate Protection For Equipment

Desirable lubricants tag along anti-wear properties. Given that most of the food equipment tend to be costly, this quality will help to take care of wear and tear. In turn, you will spend less on repair services. The equipment will also serve you longer with remarkable results. You’ll also worry less about water contamination. You can confidently count on the corrosion inhibitors to keep rust at bay.

Contamination Prevention

As you already know, numerous plans have been put in place in the food industry to minimise contamination. The authorities are looking to reduce reaction efforts by emphasizing on the prevention of contamination. Food processing industries are encouraged to embrace these practices. One sure way of achieving this is the use of top quality lubricants. Food and beverage companies that fail to comply with the requirements risk losing their licences. A good lubrication program will ensure that you don’t tarnish your name due to contaminated products. You also won’t fret when the food inspectors come calling.

Final Thoughts

Take your time as you think about the best lubricant to purchase. Call a couple of friends for recommendations. Do not settle for less than the best quality available. Your equipment ,and ultimately your products, heavily rely on your choices. Do your homework and keep those machines running efficiently for as long as possible.
The long equipment life will guarantee increased profitability. You also get to spend less on fuel thanks to the reduced energy use. The service intervals will also be farther apart. Good quality food machinery lubrication is definitely a big deal. Invest in high quality food lubricants and enjoy the benefits for a good number of years.
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