The Hidden Secrets of Using Private Air Travel


When it comes to modern air travel, much has changed. Unfortunately, most passengers would agree it has not been for the better. Since the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and subsequent episodes around the world, air travel has become a much more complex and frustrating process than as recently as 20 years ago, when people could arrive at the airport and board their plane in a matter of minutes. Because of the longer lines, stricter security guidelines, and other changes that have been made, more and more people who can do so are opting for private air travel. If you’re thinking of doing the same, here are some hidden secrets about using private air travel.

No Security Lines

If there is one complaint airline passengers have about today’s air travel, it’s the long security lines at most airports. However, for those using private air travel, this is one problem they can avoid. While the captain of a private aircraft can still search a passenger’s bags, they don’t have to worry about x-ray machines, people waving wands over them from head to toe, and having to remove their shoes, belts, jewelry, and sometimes articles of clothing.

Quicker Boarding onto the Plane

Rather than having to leave from a busy airport hub as they do when catching a commercial flight, private air travelers have a much easier time. When they arrive at the airport, they simply park in a nearby lot and are shuttled to a small building known as the Fixed Base of Operations, or FBO. Along with not having to worry about long security lines, they can have their bags loaded onto the plane immediately upon removing them from their vehicle, saving a tremendous amount of time.

Much More Privacy

If you’ve been a passenger on a commercial flight recently, you know all about having little if any privacy. With passengers sitting in rows of three seats that offer barely enough room to stretch their legs, a flight today can be an uncomfortable experience to say the least. However, for those on a private plane, it’s the exact opposite. Since the plane will have only a handful of passengers, having plenty of room to sit as well as lots of privacy is never a problem.

Plenty of Storage Space

If you are like many air travelers and like to bring as many carry-on bags with you as possible, there is always the problem of not having enough overhead storage space on a commercial flight. But if you are on a private plane, you’ll have plenty of room to store as many bags as you can carry, without having to fight with the person beside you.

No Connecting Flights

If you’ve been a commercial air passenger, you no doubt have had to sprint across a terminal in the hopes of catching a connecting flight. But if you’re using private air travel, you can relax, knowing that once you set foot on your plane, you’ll be on it from start to finish.

Great Food and Drink

Rather than be subjected to sub-standard commercial airline food, those on a private plane know they will be eating exactly what they want. Since the food for the passengers is ordered based on choices they have made prior to the flight, there’s no doubt they will have plenty of tasty food from which to choose.

Destination Flexibility

Unlike commercial flights that must go from one place to another without any diversions, private flights have much more flexibility. Not only can they visit multiple destinations in a single day, but they can also change flight times and destinations if needed.

For many people who have used private air travel, they rarely if ever go back to being passengers on commercial flights. Whether it’s enjoying the fact they can skip the long and frustrating security lines, have much greater levels of privacy, or not have to run from one end of a terminal to the other to catch a connecting flight, there’s no doubt private air travel does indeed offer many advantages.

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