The Best Tips for Restoration and Clean Up After Fire Damage


One of the most difficult circumstances a residential or commercial property owner can grapple with is fire damage. In many cases, this type of disaster generates emotional distress, economic complications, and the inability to complete one’s personal or professional responsibilities quickly and correctly. Despite these challenges, individuals who are dealing with fire damage can return their lives and property by utilizing top notch, proven restoration tips. Here are three that should be a part of your recovery plan:

1. Do Not Complete A DIY (Do It Yourself) Project.
One of the most important things to remember when you are dealing with fire damage is that you should never attempt to complete the recovery process on your own, according to Duraclean. Doing so can expose you to a wide range of dangers that could result in serious injuries or even illness. For example, some commercial and residential properties undergo substantive structural damage during the fire or the use of water to put the fire out. In some cases, part of the property can collapse. Yet if you fail to allow a professional team to inspect your property and deem it safe to reenter, you could be subjected to this type of mishap.

2. Contact Your Insurance Company.
Another tip you should implement as you prepare to deal with the restoration process following fire damage is contacting your insurance company. These individuals will assist you in numerous ways, including by helping you file your claim.

3. Document Your Belongings.
As noted in the New York Times, it’s important to document personal items that have been damaged in the fire. Taking this step will help ensure that you attain the best possible return on your insurance claim. Make sure that you attain permission from officials to reenter the commercial or residential property prior to taking pictures.

4. Find The Ideal Fire Damage Restoration Company.
This will be one of the most important tips for you to implement when you attempt to restore your property following fire damage. Fire damage restoration experts will be able to provide you with a wide range of services that help you return your commercial or residential property to its original condition. Some of the services that these industry mavens may offer to facilitate this outcome include:

• content restoration
• sanitation
• deodorization
• smoke removal
• odor removal
• air duct cleaning
• vent cleaning

Fire damage restoration professionals can also provide clients with mold restoration services. These services are particularly important because the use of water to extinguish the fire creates the moist, damp environment in which mold likes to thrive and reproduce. If you or your family members are exposed to mold for extended periods of time, you could suffer from some or all of the following health consequences:

• wheezing
• asthmatic attacks
• lung complications
• fatigue
• difficulty breathing
• coughing
• dizziness
• vision issues
• asthma
• skin infections
• allergies
• pneumonia
• rashes
• sinus infections

To ensure that you select the ideal fire damage restoration company, make sure that the firm you select has all of the following attributes:

• positive online feedback
• a good Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating
• fair prices
• industry experience (at least five years)
• IICRC certified technicians

Don’t Delay: Get The Restoration Process Underway!
If you’re serious about restoring your property following its subjection to fire damage, know that there are several steps you can take to optimize and expedite the recovery process. Some of those steps include avoiding DIY projects, contacting your insurance company, documenting your damages, and finding the right fire damage restoration company. By implementing these four strategies, you will likely expedite and optimize the restoration of your commercial or residential property.