The Best Cigars to Give as Gifts


There’s nothing like a good cigar. Even better, there’s nothing like a good cigar that came as a gift.

If you’re going to present cigars as a gift, please do some research. It’s not just a matter of which is the most expensive or popular. Cigars are as personal as they get. What the smoker does as he smokes can be important. For instance, if they like a good smoke with a glass of wine, the vino and smoke have to complement one another. Cigars can also have unique tastes with the smoker having their preference.

You can simply replace a box they already have, but that’s too easy. Maybe take one of their smokes to a classy shop or call an online vendor and ask about an upgrade. To make things a little easier on you, we’re listing the best cigars you could give as a gift. We promise they’re all top of the line and will give smokers something to smile about.

No less than Cigar Aficionado called the Le Bijou 1922 the best smoke of 2015. It has a classic Nicaraguan blend, highlighted by a Cuban seed wrapper. The cigar is noted for delivering a complex and harmonious return with a powerful finesse. The manufacturer creates a strong line of impressive smokes. That this one stands at the top of many smokers’ lists is saying something.

This brand was released to the public a little over two decades ago. Before that, it was only available to Cuba’s elite, specifically dignitaries and diplomats. The Vigía is the latest addition to the line. Squat and short, its lush extreme earthy truffle flavoring, warm nutty finish and, for lack of a better term, oakiness, promise an abundant smoke.

This was actually a Miami-bred smoke before going national a few years back. That exposure made production expand and resulted in operations moving from Florida to Nicaragua. Sublimes have a, well, sublime taste with a Corojo seed binder, Ecuador Habano wrapper and Criollo filler. Despite its expansion to large manufacturing, the cigar still retains its boutique branding.

The concept behind the Habano Torpedo is a simple, roughly hewn box with unbanded cigars. It came in only two sizes and could only be purchased in 100 counts. Curiously, the Habano Torpedo took the market by storm. The latest reiteration of the smoke is considered spicy and hickory, laced with leather and wood. It’s manufactured from Estelí, Jalapa and Condega. One of the lower priced brands on our list, it’s still noted for delivering a richness not found in products twice the price.

Cheap Little Cigars said, “Celebrating their 50th anniversary, the Padrón Family Reserve 50 Years Natural comes from one of the most highly regarded names in premium cigars.” Box pressed, perfectly drawn, rich in body alongside a combo of cocoa bean, earth and coffee, these smokes are signature Padrón Family and considered a harmonious adventure.

La Mission stands out with its pigtail caps, dynamic box pressing and that sultry Mexican San Andrés wrapper. It uses Sancti Spiritus tobacco from Nicaragua grown by the Garcia family as filler. It has a leathery, savory note, a succinct taste of anise and sweet baking spices. The blend is impressive and promises to accent any glass of French wine.

Of course, you can always buy a gift card that lets them choose. But if your smoker truly knows their cigars, they will be knocked over when you hand them any of the above as a gift.