Should You Ditch Your Bulky Car for a Motorcycle?


If you’ve always been a car driver, it can sometimes make you wonder whether or not upgrading to a motorcycle is a good investment. You hear about how it’s so much cheaper on gas and how different the open road feels against your skin. But, is the switch really worth it? Here are some helpful facts and tips that can help you to decide whether or not ditching your bulky car for a sleek motorcycle is really worth it or not.

Easier Parking

There really seems nothing worse than when you drive into a parking lot to find only one stall open. Of course, it’s one that one or more of the other drivers have their tires over the line. This makes it impossible for you to squeeze your car in there. Your motorcycle, on the other hand, will fit perfectly. When you opt for a motorcycle over a traditional car you can enjoy the major benefit of more accessible parking. This holds true for along the street parking as well where you can squeeze your bike in easily.

Cheaper On Fuel

This is the main benefit that so many people have heard about when it comes to switching to driving a motorcycle over a car. You don’t have to pay as much for fuel. Motorcycles use significantly less fuel than do cars and trucks. The average motorcycle gets about 35 to 40 miles per gallon. Some bikes can even range up into the high 60s. That’s a lot of miles on one gallon of gas. Compare that to your typical 17 to 25 miles per gallon in a car, and there’s no question of whether a bike is the right choice or not. You can save yourself a ton of money each week in fuel expenses on a motorcycle.

Fresh Air On Your Skin

Sure, you can roll down the window in your cars and let the air come in. But, there’s nothing quite like being out in the fresh air on a motorcycle. The warm sun on your skin and the cool breeze on your face can make owning a bike worth it. There are actually studies out there which have concluded that those who drive a motorcycle are better able to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Burn More Calories

One really cool advantage that you can gain from driving a motorcycle is you can burn extra calories throughout your day. It takes more energy to steer, hold your bike at rest, and so forth than it does to handle a car. If you’re looking for a great way to burn off some extra calories throughout the day, a motorcycle can be a great way to do so that’s more fun than going to the gym.

Retains Its Value Better

It’s no surprise to anyone that once their new car pulls off of the dealership lot, the value of it decreases significantly. Every year afterward, the value drops about 10 percent. That’s a lot of equity down the drain on a car that you’ll be likely paying on for four or five years. A motorcycle doesn’t lose its value that quick. Their values are less volatile and make them the perfect long-term investment for your transportation needs. Even if you just want to give your new motorcycle a try for a year or two, you can be assured that you can get most of your money back out of it when you go to resell it in the future.

Ditching your car for a motorcycle may be something that you have considered in the past. There may be some reasons that are holding you back. However, the above advantages should be able to help you to make the decision to move forward with your purchase. Realize that you can enjoy the benefits of a motorcycle without the disadvantages that your bulky car is hindering you with.

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