Non-traditional Approaches to Treating Neck/Back Pain


When you have neck or back pain, it can make life really uncomfortable. Before you know it, you find yourself skipping out on the activities that you love and you start to lose your quality of life. While traditional medical approaches may not be working well for you, there are a variety of non-traditional approaches that you can utilize to treat your neck and back pain effectively.

Chiropractic Care

Apart from seeing your family physician, you may want to enlist the help of a chiropractic care center. These centers work by manually manipulating the spine by pressing on its joints. When spinal discs are out of alignment even slightly, it can put a lot of pressure on specific parts of your back. This can create a massive amount of discomfort.


Known as a traditional Chinese form of alternative medicine, acupuncture works by inserting sterilized needed into acupoints around the body. This practice is centered around the belief that blocked chi, also termed as energy, is the cause of pain in the body. By inserting thin needles into the acupoints of the skin, it’s believed that it can unblock the chi or energy flow in your body and release pain.


Yoga is a self-care technique that can drastically help with your back and neck pain. It will work to release tight muscles in your back that can be responsible for pain. There are various yoga poses that are specifically recommended to treat these issues. Some of the most popular include bow pose, bridge, pose, camel pose, cat pose, cow pose, and dolphin pose. Be sure to only do the posses that you can comfortably handle. Light stretching of the muscle is good. If you feel pain from the stretch, then discontinue that pose until your body becomes better able to move without pain.

Change Up Your Diet

Your diet can be a big component of your back pain. If you eat foods that cause high levels of inflammation throughout the body, then you’re going to experience a lot of back pain. This is the body’s natural response to protect itself by swelling up. Anti-inflammatory diets are your best bet that can be extremely effective in treating back and neck pain. Some common anti-inflammatory foods include bright-colored vegetables, bright-colored fruits, fatty fish, green vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Consider altering your diet to include these natural anti-inflammatory foods to help soothe your bodily pains.


This non-traditional approach to eliminate back pain is one that you should consider. The concept is that you can lessen the intensity of your pain, reduce your drug reliance, and improve your overall quality of life. This method utilizes a system that trains your muscles to react better to movement and stress. This approach utilizes your brain and body connection to rewire how your body controls its pain and movements.


A practice that dates back to the days of the Egyptians, massage is a general name that encompasses a variety of techniques using rubbing of the body to release muscle tension and pain. Some common methods are Swedish, deep tissue, and trigger point release. Depending on the technique that is being performed, you may experience intense focused pressure on a specific painful area or you may receive deep kneading strokes of the entire muscle. It’s important to note that different types of massage techniques can help release pain in various ways. Testing out several techniques can allow you the ability to see what type of massage works best for your back and neck pain.

While we may think of traditional medication as the cure for our back and neck problems, that’s not always the case. Sometimes seeking an alternative method for your care is a necessity to ensure that you feel better sooner. The above are all types of non-traditional approaches to back and neck pain that you should consider looking into.