How-to Use Stained Glass Lighting in Your Home


Stained glass lighting comprises the ideal central component of a distinctive home lighting design. In addition to the subtle illumination it provides, stained glass gives you the opportunity to introduce vivid colors, interesting motifs, rich texture and lustrous surfaces into your home environment. Perhaps you aren’t sure of how to make the best possible use of all these elements — so let’s explore creative ideas for how to incorporate stained glass lighting into your home décor.

The first thing you want to consider is the style of your home — both its architectural style and the style of its interior furnishings. There are appropriate ways to include stained glass lighting in the décor no matter what your home’s personality is like. Stained glass complements classic, modern, country, contemporary, retro and transitional interior design styles with equal ease.

Know Your Stained Glass Lamp Makers and Their Decorating Styles

If you have an idea of which decorating style you’re going to use in your home décor, you may wish to choose lighting based on that knowledge. The following is a brief overview of several prominent stained glass lighting makers and the design styles their work complements:

Louis Comfort Tiffany was one of the most prolific and best-known stained glass lighting designers. He designed stained glass lamps and other art objects in the art nouveau style. His work complements art nouveau furnishings well, but you are not limited to pairing his lamps only with art nouveau pieces. He was a prolific designer who created a variety of lamp styles; his lamps pair well with a variety of decorating styles including traditional, transitional, modern, arts and crafts and even country.

Frank Lloyd Wright is best known for his architecture, but he also designed home furnishings. Wright’s original stained glass lamps fetch high prices at auction and are coveted by collectors worldwide. His style, known as the “prairie style”, is noteworthy for its clean, sleek lines and simplicity. Look for his stained glass lighting designs if you’re decorating a modern or transitional home.

Pairpoint was best known for making creative puffy lampshades featuring fruit and flower motifs, but this company also produced lamps with interesting glass shades. Look for their lamps if you’re designing an art deco or modern style home.

The Function of Stained Glass Lighting in Your Overall Home Lighting Design

Stained glass light fixtures are suitable for use as ambient lighting, accent lighting or task lighting, according to Megaron Inc. However, you do not want them to perform all three functions at once or exclusively. The trick with stained glass lighting is to layer each light fixture with other types of lighting to ensure the environment is adequately illuminated. So, for example, if you use a stained glass lamp as an accent to highlight your collection of art glass vases, you would also want to incorporate a brighter ambient light source in the room such as a ceiling light. You might also want to include an additional lighting layer such as a floor lamp or a pair of wall sconces.

Stained Glass Ceiling Lights

Want to add drama to your foyer or entryway? A stained glass ceiling light would be an exciting option to consider installing in this type of space.

A stained glass ceiling light could also be a lovely addition to the kitchen. It would add a burst of lively color over the kitchen island or table. Such a ceiling light could also be effective in the dining room, creating a cozy ambience as rich as candlelight — without any of the associated mess or dangers of candles.

If you have a pool table, ping-pong table or similar game table, a stained glass light makes an ideal light source for highlighting it.

You have abundant options for how to incorporate stained glass lighting elements into your home, so take your time in considering which options appeal to you most. You can combine several stained glass light fixtures in the same room for maximum drama, or you can choose one amazing piece that serves as a central point of focus. Whichever options you choose, your stained glass light fixtures will add charm and personality to your home décor.