How-to Use Chiropractic Care to Improve Your Health


Many people have compared chiropractors to physical therapists. Others have compared them as secondary doctors. They provide advice on health and well-being that you wouldn’t otherwise considered. Both a healthcare provider and chiropractor can keep your health in check and improve your quality of life. But the services they provide are different from each other.

When choosing the right chiropractor, it’s not about someone who can crack your bones and freeing you of pain. It’s about choosing a chiropractor who truly knows what they’re doing. There are many different benefits to visiting a chiropractor. Some of them are well-known more than the others. 

A chiropractor is a specialist that most patients consider going to when they’re in pain and it affects their quality of life. The chiropractor is the last thing they consider when they’re feeling depressed or experiencing headaches. The chiropractor can treat some of these problems and more. It can become a valuable form of treatment if you stick with it. From boosting your immune system to decreasing drug dependence, regular chiropractic visits can contribute to your life in several ways. 

Improves Immune System

Research has proven that regular chiropractor care has been shown to boost the immune system and protect it against disease. Dr. Ronald Pero monitored 107 patients who received regular chiropractic care. He compared them to a group of patients who didn’t receive the same type of care. Dr. Pero found that their immune systems were 200% stronger than the patients who did not receive such care. 

Decreases Drug Dependence

Chiropractic doctors are against pharmaceuticals and prescription medications. Nobody wants to be given prescription medication. Regular chiropractic care reduces a patient’s dependence on addictive drugs such as painkillers. Chiropractic care has been shown to reduce prescription medication by up to 51.8%. 

Reduces Headaches

Patients who visit the chiropractor for chronic headaches and migraines leave in relief. One of the many studies on this subject found that 22% of patients experienced a 90% reduction in migraines after two months of chiropractic care. This has proven to be more beneficial than Botox injections, over-the-counter NSAIDs, and prescription medications. If you experience chronic migraines, then you should make an appointment with a local chiropractor. 

Alleviates Chronic Pain

Since chiropractic care has been shown to decrease migraines, it makes sense that it also helps with chronic pain. Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. The root cause of chronic pain is unknown, and a majority of these people suffer from back or neck pain. 

Prescription medication and over-the-counter NSAIDs may help alleviate the pain, but not in the same way as chiropractic care does. Chiropractic care can track the root of the problem and provide long-term care. 

Boosts Your Mood

Not many patients visit the chiropractor to treat their anxiety or depression. But most patients have reported feeling better about themselves after their appointment. A regular chiropractic adjustment can improve the overall hormone balance and increase dopamine in the brain. This helps improve your mood the moment you get care. 

Adjusts Posture

If you work a desk job, then you should probably look into chiropractic care. Sitting at your desk for eight to ten hours a day can contribute to poor posture. Regular chiropractic visits can encourage proper spine alignment. This can help relieve up to 30 pounds of pressure off your neck. 

Now you know about the wonderful benefits of chiropractic care. Visiting a chiropractor is about more than just getting your back cracked. It’s about improving your overall quality of life. When you feel good, you want to do more with your life. You want to diet and exercise. 

As you can see, regular chiropractic visits can increase your quality of life. When combined with exercise therapy, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, and physical therapy, chiropractic care can increase your overall health and well-being. Some of them even provide advice and diet in exercise. In conjunction with seeing your healthcare provider, you can greatly improve the outlook of your health and life. 

You can lead a healthy lifestyle that you always wanted. Think of it as a rehabilitation treatment that promotes long-term results and healing.