How to Upgrade Your Home’s Curb Appeal


Once you become a homeowner, there are plenty of exciting elements to think about. One of the things you think about is how to decorate and beautify the grounds you now own. While there are many routes to go and many styles to choose from, you definitely want to be a memorable house on the block. Maintaining a defined style and beautiful curb appeal will encourage your neighbors to do better with their own houses. It will keep the home values high in the neighborhood. It will also give you a sense of pride knowing that your home is lovely and well-kept. If you’re looking for different ways to upgrade your home’s curb appeal, consider these ideas.

1. Paint the Doors.
According to Mid South Irrigation & Landscape, it’s important to check with your HOA to see what the guidelines are. However, the color of your front door makes a clear statement on its own. Sure, many people choose the standard colors that come with the house. This doesn’t need to be the same with your home. In home decor trends, one of the most popular statements is the brightly colored door. Bright colors such as canary yellow or cobalt blue are fun and make bold statements. If you prefer something muted, a Tiffany’s blue or sea-foam green are lovely colors to consider. These door colors used to be unusual, but now, more homeowners love this trend and adopting it to make bold statements. Another great way to make a beautiful pop of color stand out is through using high-gloss paint. Even if you choose to use a storm/screen door on top, try to make sure it’s a complementary color to enhance the overall look.

2. Decorate the Door.
Door decorations aren’t just for the Christmas holidays. Wreaths are nice to hang all year. Choose a wreath with the family name on it. For the spring, add a wreath with lots of tulips. During the summer, wreaths are nice to use with lots of greenery and twigs. Get creative with the concept and share the family style on the exterior of the home in this way.

3. Hire a Landscape Artist.
If you have the financial margin to do it, hire a landscape artist. A good landscape artist can help you come up with a breathtaking design. If you love flowers or certain trees that bloom in the spring, the landscape artist can make that happen. If you dream of seeing lots of rocks, pebbles and a brook in the front yard, a landscape artist is the perfect professional to figure out the technical details. There’s a lot that goes into a stunning landscape design. Even if it’s not ornate on a large scale, a landscape artist will be able to foresee what would be the best vision to execute. They’ll also know more about eco-friendly design concepts and what plants, shrubs and accessories will go well together.

4. Add Accessories.
There are a few items that can easily count as accessories within your front yard. If you have a porch, consider installing a wooden porch swing or a few lounge chairs and a table. On a warm summer evening, it’s nice to go outside and enjoy the sunset from the porch. Hang a wind chime from the top of the porch. This is a calming sound that many people love to hear when the wind blows. Based on the season, place a few potted plants on the porch. You can also line potted plants on the sides of the front stairs leading up to the front door. During the fall, add mums or pumpkins. During the spring, add potted tulips. There’s usually a walkway in the front of the house. Line the walkway with lights to illuminate the path at night. One of the most ideal options is a solar-powered light. Since the lights are outdoors, they can use the power from the sun during the day to shine all night. This is excellent because it won’t cost you extra on your electric bill either.

There are lots of ways to upgrade your home’s curb appeal. The design ideas run the gamut and range in terms of price as well. Even if you can’t do the major landscaping at first, start with some of the smaller projects like the doors and pathway lights. Before long, your home will be the most beautiful one on the block.

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