How to Select the Perfect OBGYN


There are few things in life as dreaded and uncomfortable as the yearly Well-Woman visit. We completely disrobe in an icy office, lay back with legs spread eagle, and allow near strangers to probe us with cold tools. Nevertheless, women’s health is extremely important and should never be neglected. With Breast cancer being the most common form of cancer affecting American women, preventive care through your routine Well-Woman appointment is the best way to stay on top of things. If we have to bear with the discomfort, the least that we could do is find the best and most qualified health professional to do the job, right? A great OBGYN can be the difference between an abysmal visit and a great one. Here are a few great tips on how to select the perfect OB/GYN:

1. Determine your needs.
Women are seen by obstetricians and gynecologists for several reasons. The most common are to monitor the development of babies in utero and to evaluate breast, vaginal and cervical health. Once you’ve determined your need, then you are one step closer to finding the perfect OBGYN. For example, if you determine that you have a need for an OBGYN that provides the best care for high-risk pregnancies or that you would prefer to have a mid-wife, then you have an idea of how to begin your search.

2. Research, Research, Research.
As with any desired service, research is essential. One of the first things that you will want to consider is your insurance coverage. Most insurance companies cover well-woman visits with little to no co-pay—as long as the doctor’s office is within your network. If you select an OBGYN group that’s outside of your network or doesn’t accept your particular insurance carrier, you could risk paying hundreds of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses. Be sure to search for acceptable doctor’s offices under your plan on your insurance carrier’s website or give them a call for assistance.
You should also take the time to peruse around their website and find as much information as possible. It’s especially important to take a look at the team of staff and their credentials. If you’re uncomfortable with male doctors performing the exam, this type of preliminary research could prevent problems when you go to schedule your appointment. In many practices, you will notice that there are Nurse Practitioners on staff. They are licensed and completely capable of doing most of the same work that OBGYNs can, but if you would prefer to only work with an OB or GYN, you would be able to find the professional that you’re looking for on the practice’s website. Be sure to also look at photos of the office. If you’re looking for a more comfortable setting that’s not as cold and clinical as some doctors’ offices can be, the website photos should give you a pretty good idea of the culture of the office.

3. Check the reviews
Once you believe that you’ve found “the one”, it’s a great idea to check the reviews of other women that have visited that particular office. Word of the mouth travels fast and with the use of the internet, we have access to more information now than ever, according to Northside Women’s Specialists. When making your decision, use sound judgment to decipher what are actually pros and cons of the OBGYN group and what may just be meaningless griping on behalf of the reviewer. It is also useful to look up the reviews on specific doctors within in office.

Choosing a good OBGYN is no easy feat but with the proper amount of research, you’ll be able to find your perfect OBGYN in no time.