How to Select the Perfect Lock for Your Home


When it comes to keeping your home safe from burglary and intruders, you want the very best locks available on all doors at entrances to your home. The type of locks can vary in design with so much to offer. No lock or locking system is totally secure, but the locks discussed below can give you the best security. Learn about lock design here to make the smart choice when it comes to the safety and security of your home.

Lock Replacement
If your locks are showing signs of wear, it probably is a good idea to replace them with a newer style. Locks generally can last for many years, but age and use of the locks can make them difficult to open.

New homeowners should replace the locks on every entrance point of the home. You never know if the keys were misplaced or given to others from the original homeowner. It could save you from having someone who had a key from entering your home while you’re away.

You should talk to a professional locksmith on the options they can help you with in the security of your home. Any forcible entry on a door lock should be replaced with a new one. Replace those that become hard to open or lock.

Single cylinder deadbolt locks are an added form of door security that most homes will have. They feature a key cylinder to open the door from the outside while having a thumb turn on the inside to easily open without a key. Many front doors feature window patterns surrounding the frame that makes it easy for an intruder to break the glass for entry into the home. Installing a double cylinder deadbolt that requires a key to open both sides can solve the problem.

A hybrid deadbolt is designed for homeowners to be able to lock from both the outside or inside. It has an added feature of safety built into the device to allow people inside to open the door or lock it freely with the thumb turn. This is important for family inside the home that might need to exit the home in an emergency situation.

Knob Locks
Another standard type of lock featured on most doors is the doorknob lock. They are used in combination with a deadbolt lock. Knob locks can be easily picked or broken to gain entry into a home. They shouldn’t be a primary source of security alone. Barzel Lock said, “Keeping the knob lock secured is an extra deterrent against intrusion and should always be secured when possible.”

Key-less Entry Pad Locks
This type of lock is electronically controlled using a number sequence to lock or unlock the door. They can be either touch pad or card activated. This is a new technology being used more frequently in homes today. The advantage of key-less design is that homeowners don’t have to worry about losing a key or having extras made to unlock the door.

A key-less entry can operate on standard batteries that have an indicator to let you know when they require changing. A locksmith or other professional can directly wire many systems into the home’s electrical system. The key code can be changed to a new code by the homeowner whenever they deem it necessary.

Key-less systems can be programmed to lock or unlock from a cell phone app. You can unlock the door to allow the children to go inside when they return home from school. A serviceman installing appliances can be allowed in your home to work if you’re away.

A key-less system can still use a key in an emergency to unlock the door. If the power is interrupted at the home, a key must be used if the system is wired directly into the power supply. The same would apply if you misplaced or lost your phone.

If you don’t have the experience to install a key-less system, a qualified locksmith can perform the services. In the case of replacing other types of locks, they can provide you with the most reliable information on securing your home against burglary or intrusion.