How to Select the Perfect Cafeteria Furniture for Your Establishment


Redesigning your establishment or starting from the beginning, the furniture for your restaurant can be one of the determining factors in whether the business will succeed. While you have to have great food and stellar service, the comfort level of the customers and how welcome they feel comes down to choosing the right furniture and decor.

Style of the Restaurant

Before any other step in the design process, understand what kind of ambiance and branding you’d like to bring into the establishment. Ask yourself questions about your ideal customers. Decide whether you’ll cater to family dining or couples looking for romance. This will dictate the kind of furniture you bring into the space. You wouldn’t have the same tables and chairs for a family restaurant as you would for a romantic, high-end space. The best thing about starting your own restaurant or cafe is being able to pick the decor from the chairs and tables to the bar stools and lighting. It can’t hurt to bring in a designer to help you make your style choices.

Color of the Decor

While the decorator will help you with style choices, he or she will also help with color choices when it comes to the furniture. There’s a link between the color of the space and the impact on the diners. You want the space to be welcoming and encourage diners with colors that will stimulate their appetite. Reds and oranges are great for that kind of space. You might have to go with neutral colors for the furniture depending on your budget and the available options though. These are just a few things to think about when choosing furniture especially if you don’t have money to consult a designer.

Layout and the Amount of Floor Space

Platforms & Ladders said, “Once you have the style in mind as well as your branding concept, you’ll want to consider the layout of the space.” You can’t toss tables and chairs in the room without first planning out the traffic patterns and relation of the tables to the exits, kitchen and bathrooms. There will have to be enough space between the furniture for your servers and customers to move easily through the dining room. This might mean that you need small tables for a small space, so that will allow you to seat more customers. The layout is one of the most important aspects of the design process. Map out the room on a piece of paper. Make sure to add weird corners and angled walls to the blueprint, so you can work around them when thinking about your furniture.

Comfort of the Furniture

When you think about your favorite restaurant, it’s likely that you don’t love the space despite uncomfortable furniture. Customers normally love a restaurant because it’s cozy and comfortable. The seats should be cushioned or provide great support with a wide enough seat for your visitors. It helps if you can sit in the chairs and lean against the table. Act like a customer to see how the furniture feels.

Furniture Durability

Your establishment’s furniture has to be able to take a beating. In some cases, you might even want furniture that can be transferred from interior to the exterior on beautiful days where diners will want to enjoy the outdoors. This kind of furniture will need to stand up against the punishing UV rays from the sun that can fade most fabrics and materials. If you have a space near the beach, people might come into the restaurant with sand or salt on their bodies. It’ll be in the air too. These are things to consider when purchasing your furniture for a new space.

Budget Concerns

Some restaurant owners should consider whether they need high-end, stainless steel appliances to open their restaurant. Often, purchasing used equipment can be a huge savings. It doesn’t need to look pretty to function properly. That isn’t true of the tables and chairs you purchase for the restaurant itself. You will need to impress your customers, so they’ll keep returning to your establishment. Save money in other areas of the restaurant or cafe, but don’t skimp when it comes to purchasing durable, beautiful furniture.

The furniture you choose can influence whether customers love your space or avoid it at all costs. You want to have durable choices that will stand the test of time while being inviting and welcoming to guests coming into your space.