How to Select the Best Mobile Computers for Your Company


The world of mobile computing is an ever evolving space. It is one that has seen significant change in the past few years. Technology has become increasingly more mobile. Manufacturers are releasing mobile tech that is more capable of handling a full workload. They are more battery efficient and incredibly diverse. Different products can cater to different niches in the workspace. This diversity can be a blessing and a curse when it comes to selecting the perfect mobile computing solution for your company.

The Wall Street Journal posted a nifty buyers guide on what to look for when buying computers for a company. They break down workforce into different segments and highlight the technology use by each. A great place to start is to identify what type of work you need done as a company. On one end of the spectrum you will have basic Chromebooks. These are designed to be cloud and web based solutions. If you find you can do all of your work online using no native applications, then a Chromebook may be for you. They are incredibly affordable and can fit almost any budget. Because they aren’t bogged down with native applications they are incredibly fast and can get work done quickly.

Tablets are another incredibly popular segment of the tech world. They are excellent for web based work but are also able to load native applications. If you need to get more work done than a Chromebook can provide an Apple or Android tablet may be the perfect solution. They will cost more than a Chromebook, but they can also do more. Versatile Mobile Systems said, “Mobile phones can almost be lumped into this category.” With ever increasing screen sizes, the line between tablets and phones is blurring. A smartphone today can do most things a tablet can do. It isn’t ideal for serious work because the screen will still feel woefully small compared to the added space a tablet provides. Whether you use a phone or a tablet you should have access to apps that can improve your workflow and help you get stuff done.

Finally we come to the classic laptop. PC manufacturers have started to double down on their research and development. The result is a PC that the average employee would love to use. They boast great design, powerful specs, and efficient processors enabling longer lasting battery life. PCs have greater market penetration, so there is a good chance your clients and customers already have a one. This ensures great cross compatibility when working on projects.

Apple has produced what many feel is the gold standard for mobile computing. Their MacBook Pros can handle real work in a variety of environments. Until recently they were the only laptop that married all day battery life with powerful processors capable of most tasks. With increased competition in the PC sector, Macs have seen a slight decline. Companies are finding they can get sleek, efficient, and powerful laptops for a fraction of the cost of a Mac. If your company is in the app development game, a Mac becomes a must-have as you can only submit apps to the app store through a Mac.

Once you have reviewed the different options, you need to have the courage to not compromise. It is easy to look at the bottom line and purchase Chromebooks as an affordable option for the entire company. However, if your work isn’t web based you will find yourself in a world of hurt when it comes time to get the real work done. There is nothing more frustrating than having to purchase a million adapters and develop several workarounds just to complete your daily work. It is better to buy something that works for your needs instead of facing lost work and production because the machine was underpowered or inadequate for your specific task.

As you make this decision, keep the client in mind. Your business likely serves someone in some capacity. Mobile is a great solution to take payments or collaborate on the go. You aren’t tethered to a desk and don’t need to stay crammed in a cubicle to get work done. You are free to get out and interact with those your company is built to serve and you can do so without missing a beat.