How to Save on Medical Supplies: 5 Simple Ways


Maintaining the best health oftentimes requires the purchase of medical equipment and supplies such as oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, walkers, bath safety products, incontinence products, diabetes supplies, and others. The cost of these supplies, however, isn’t always as affordable as some people would like, causing strain within the budget. Rather than continue worrying about how you’ll pay for the medical supplies that you need, take a look at 5 simple, easy ways to save cash on the costs of these items.

  1. Compare Prices

Many medical supply stores are out there for you to shop with. You’ll find them locally and online. According to Medical Supply Store, take a look at a few different stores, the products they offer, and the price tags attached to those items. It is likely that you’ll notice at least a few price differences that are worth looking at when savings are on your mind. A few minutes of comparing could result in significant savings. There is no cost to compare prices, but the value that the task offers is priceless.

  1. Buy Online

Cut out the middleman and purchase medical supplies on the web if saving money is something that you have in mind. Buying medical supplies online is fast and easy, with delivery right to your front door. Shopping on the web reduces stress and may also reduce the cost of your medical supplies by as much as 70%. Carefully choose the web store in which you’ll shop, and find the savings that you’re searching to find. Best of all, you can discreetly shop from the comfort and privacy of your home (or other favorite location) any time of the day or night.

  1. Consider Brands

Have you looked at the labels? Choosing brands carefully is one of the best ways to save cash on the cost of medical supplies. While the big names may have more appeal, the price differences between them are enough to allow exceptions to the rule. More often than not, the generic or lesser known brands’ supplies’ are just as good (and sometimes better) than the national brands. They’re at least worth a try, since drastic savings exist on many generic or off-brand products.

  1. Medicare/ Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid are two insurance programs available to eligible participants. Each has different requirements and to be considered for the coverage, an application must be completed and approved. While it can take some time to apply for either of the programs, for anyone that is low-income or who is on a fixed income, they’re both highly beneficial. Those who are approved for either of the federally operated programs receive discounts on the cost of their medical supplies, or may be able to receive them at no cost.

  1. Consider used Equipment

Although not all of the medical supplies that you need can be purchased used, many are probably perfectly safe to purchase secondhand. Choosing to purchase used medical supplies, such as a wheelchair or hospital bed, is an excellent way to get the products needed to maintain health without spending all of your money in the process. Should you elect to purchase used equipment, purchase items only from a trusted seller and be sure that you carefully evaluate the item and its condition before handing over any money.

Medical Supplies for Less

If you need medical supplies but are fed up with the prices, use the five money-saving tips above to help yourself to awesome savings. These are easy tips that anyone can use, and should use, when saving money is desired. Why spend more money than necessary for medical supplies when getting what you need for less is so easy?