How To Remodel Your Kitchen In 7 Steps


When you decide it’s time to update your kitchen, getting started on your remodel may seem overwhelming. Bringing your kitchen into modern times is simple if you break the process down into smaller steps. These seven steps will take you from kitchen remodel conception to completion.

1. Research Regulations

When you think about undertaking a home remodel project, you are probably dreaming of new cabinets and snagging that gorgeous range you have always dreamed of. Building regulations and codes are most likely the furthest thing from your mind. This aspect of remodeling your kitchen is the first thing you should think about as it effects every other stage of the project. Failing to account for specific city regulations during your remodel could result in serious fines or expensive alterations if you ever wish to sell your home.

2. DIY or Contractor?

Your next step is to decide if you would like to undertake the remodel on your own or hire a contractor. A contractor takes the weight of the project off your shoulders and makes it far easier for you. However, you may wish to save money by completing some elements of the remodel yourself. Certain jobs are best done by a skilled worker. You do not want to undertake plumbing, gas lines or cabinet installation by yourself. This often results in paying extra to have your work fixed as well as the original job redone. Things like painting, refinishing wood and adding trim are generally easy to do yourself and can save a bit of cash.

3. Set a Budget

Once you decide how you want the work to be completed, you can come up with a budget. Always plan to go lower than you can afford. During a renovation there are often unexpected expenses that crop up and wiggle room in your budget can save you a lot of stress.

4. Decide On a Layout

Remodeling your kitchen can be as drastic as your budget will allow. You can simply change the look of the kitchen with more modern cabinets and fixtures, or you can gut the entire room and change the actual layout of the room. Keep in mind that the latter option can add thousands of dollars to the cost of your project, but it may be well worth it if the value of your home increases and you get your dream kitchen.

5. Choose Your Style

The aesthetic of your kitchen is important for choosing specific components for the room, such as light fixtures and cabinets. When it comes to choosing a look for your new kitchen, the devil is in the details. If you choose a Scandinavian look, you will want your kitchen to have minimalist details and clean lines. If you go with a cottage chic style, you would want to choose warm light fixtures and craftsman style cabinets.

6. Look For Deals

If you hire a contractor, they know the manufacturers that offer the best prices on materials and fixtures. If you plan on doing some of the work yourself, you will need to shop around for the best deals. Finding the best bargains does not necessarily mean finding items with the lowest prices. With something so important as a kitchen remodel, you want to make sure you are also purchasing high quality supplies. When you hunt for the most budget friendly items, be sure to factor in quality, energy conservation and durability to get the most bang for your remodeling buck.

7. Plan Your Time

Anyone who has ever undertaken a home renovation will tell you to take your projected time table and triple it. No matter how well you plan, unexpected issues will arise that delay your kitchen remodel. You can factor this in by deciding to accommodate the inconvenience of not having a working kitchen for an undetermined period. Arrange to cook meals at a friend’s house when you need to, purchase a mini fridge to store a few perishable necessities and don’t plan family vacations for the few months around the remodel.

These seven steps will allow you to fly through your remodel with a minimal amount of stress. Be prepared to be flexible and buckle down to some hard work, and you will be cooking in a gorgeous new kitchen before you know it.