How to Pick a Perfect Prom Dress for Your Figure


In each school district across the country, dozens or hundreds of girls dream about the dress they will wear to their high school prom. Stores stock many options but finding the right one can take into account more than personal taste. Picking the right prom dress for your figure allows these teens to look their best, feel comfortable and confident, and not run afoul of school dress policies, like one girl from Richmond, Virginia who was told her dress was too short and provocative.

In the fashion world, there are four main body types: hourglass, rectangle, apple, and pear. Each of these can come in any size or height. For the most flattering prom pictures, it is important to buy a prom dress that suits each girl’s figure.

Hourglass figures are characterized by similar chest and hip measurements and a smaller waist. These lucky girls can easily wear many different styles of prom dress with or without straps and with a slim or wide skirt.

To stay within the bounds of high school rules, avoid any gowns that show excessive cleavage, a bare back, or too much leg is recommended. Young women with curves need to be more cognizant of how they look in certain gowns so as to not to get kicked out by overly modest administration.

Rectangle figures have similar measurements at chest waist and hips and have fewer curves than other body types. Body conforming dresses to flatter their slim physiques, but some school districts may find them to sexy and thus inappropriate.

Create the illusion of curves with a wider skirt, a slim belt, or extra accents like beads or ruffles that draw the eye out from the center. Very slender rectangles may want to stay away from strapless gowns that do not provide enough coverage or support.

Apple figures tend to have wider waists and smaller shoulders and hips. An empire waist dress is ideal for apples because it accentuates the narrowest part of the torso. The wider skirt that flows down from it can also hide any excess weight that a teen girl does not want to show off on her special night. Many teams with this body shape are also plus size, so finding a flattering prom dress may be of even greater importance.

Pear figures have wider hips and narrower chest measurements. Teens with a pear-shaped physique can also benefit from an empire waist and a wider skirt. This can camouflage the lack of proportion and make the girl feel confident all night long. Drawing attention to the chest and shoulder area with extra fabric or accents also helps balance the look. Strapless dresses may not be the best choice for bottom-heavy teens.

Sparkle Prom said, “No matter what type of figure a teenage girl has, she can find a flattering dress that accentuates all her positive features and camouflages any negative ones.” This is the night she has been waiting for all year long, her chance to feel like a princess or a rock star.

Most problems arise when the prom gatekeepers deem an outfit too sexy or distracting and thus inappropriate for the dance night. Sticking with styles that flatter the figure as mentioned above can help every teenage girl get in and have a great time.