How To Personalize Your Child’s School Supplies In 4 Easy Steps


Buying school supplies at the end of each summer is a common step that most parents take with their children to prepare for the start of a new school year. This could be a fun experience that helps to get your children excited about going back to school, but many children find it to be dull and even unpleasant. After all, how fun is it to pick out a bottle of white glue from a bin at a local store? A smart way to tackle this problem and to get your child excited about heading back to school soon is to personalize their supplies and gear. While it may not be possible to personalize that bottle of glue, there are many ways to personalize some of their other essentials.

1- Choose a Unique Backpack

There are a seemingly endless range of backpack styles to choose from. When you visit a local store, you may find a dozen styles or more, but remember that this is not the full extent of the options. Shopping online may help you to find even more styles. These may be unique from other backpacks that you could find at stores that most of the other kids will have. While the style of the backpack is important for personalization, remember that the bag must be large enough so that it is functional for their needs. If you have a young or small child, ensure that the big is not so large that it is difficult for him or her to manage.

2- Select a Fun Lunch Bag

Many children pack a lunch or at least some snacks to enjoy while at school each day. A brown bag lunch is always an option, but this is nondescript. Some parents are also opposed to the waste associated with using a disposable bag. Just as there are many colors and styles of backpacks to choose, there are likewise many options available for lunch bags. Many of these bags have insulating properties, so they can potentially help your child to enjoy a temperate meal. In addition to selecting a lunch bag, consider choosing reusable containers for fruit, sandwiches and other items. These can add color and pizzazz to your child’s days at school as well.

3- Focus on Colorful Binders and Folders

While some of your child’s actual school supplies may not be personalized much, many of them can be. For example, you may have some flexibility to choose personalized binders and folders for various classes. In addition to focusing on specific colors, you may also look for supplies with different designs or patterns. Consider that this can extend beyond binders and folders. For example, your child may have flexibility to choose a specific ruler, notebook, pencil box and other items. Remember that you do not need to feel limited to the options in local stores. Shopping in local stores may be a common way to get school supplies, but you may have access to many other exciting colors and styles when you shop online for at least a few of the items that can be personalized.

4- Add a Few Fun Extras

While you should purchase all of the required items on the school supply list, remember that you can also add a few extras. For example, scented markers, pens with a unique color, a fun pencil sharpener, mechanical pencils and more could be added to the mix. Before you add these items to your basket, however, consider if your child would be distracted by these extra items. Some children may be so excited about using something that is different from what their classmates have that they may not be able to focus in the classroom. They could even distract other students. Ensure that your child knows the rules about using fun extras before you let him or her head off to school with them.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to add personalization to your child’s gear and supplies. Personalization can make the days at school more enjoyable, and it can help your child to be more excited about the first day. Remember that true personalization requires your child to make his or her own selections within reason. Spend time exploring some of the fun options available today to get started preparing for the back-to-school experience.

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