How to Make a Small Backyard Look Big in 5 Steps


Even though you might love the fact that you have a backyard of your own, particularly if you live in a city where yards are minimal or if you have just moved into a single-family home from an apartment, you might wish that you had a little more space. Even though there isn’t anything that you can do to add extra square footage to your yard, however, there are some things that you can do that can make your yard look and feel bigger. These are a few things that you might want to try.

1. Get Rid of Clutter

First of all, just as it’s a good idea to get rid of clutter if you want the rooms in your home to feel spacious and appear larger, the same is true if you’re dealing with a small backyard.

If there are any structures that you and your family do not use, such as an old storage building that might not be in the best shape or an old swing set that your kids have outgrown, then you will probably want to get rid of them. This can help you improve the appearance of your property almost immediately, can make the space look bigger and can help you ensure that you and your family have more space for entertaining, planting gardens, playing or just hanging out. Plus, getting rid of old, unnecessary structures can be a whole lot safer as well.

2. Create Different Levels

One good way that you can make your small backyard feel bigger is by creating different “levels.” For example, creating a dropped deck that has a second level that is more elevated can be a great way to do this. Even doing something simple like using shelving units and pots of different sizes to plant small gardens or showcase different plants can help with creating this type of visual and can really add to the overall aesthetic of your backyard at the same time.

3. Create a Focal Point

When you think about creating focal points, you might think about doing so inside of your home. However, you can create focal points in your backyard as well. Setting up your patio furniture so that it’s nicely arranged around a fire pit or garden is a good way to call attention to the areas of your property that you really like, which can make it look and feel really nice and cozy. If you put your focal point toward the back of the property, this can help draw the eye further, making your property look larger.

4. Hang Up Mirrors

Hanging up mirrors is a popular option for making small rooms look larger. Many people don’t think about using this trick outdoors, though. However, mirrors can work in a similar manner in your small backyard. In fact, they can be great for reflecting light, showing off your flowers and outdoor decorations and more.

If you do choose to use mirrors as a way to decorate your backyard, make sure that you choose mirrors that are durable and strong. Then, you can help ensure that they will be able to withstand outdoor use without rusting or otherwise becoming damaged.

5. Choose the Right Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are an important part of landscaping, and they aren’t something that you shouldn’t have just because you have a small yard. However, you should understand how some larger trees and shrubs can make a small yard look even smaller.

If you have big, wide shrubs that take up a ton of space, they can make your small backyard look smaller than it really is. Instead, look for narrow shrubs that can add some greenery without taking up too much space. Likewise, consider smaller ornamental trees instead of larger trees to add a nice look to your yard without making it look small.

As you can see, there are a few things that you can do if you would like to make your small backyard look and feel a whole lot bigger. By following these tips, you might just find that you will fall in love with your backyard in a whole new way.

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