How to Maintain Your Flowers for Your Wedding


Wedding flowers are one wedding detail that has to wait until right until the big day to be put together. In order to ensure your flowers make it to the wedding day, you need to make sure they stay as fresh as possible. Read on for seven tips for caring for your wedding flowers.

1. Store Flowers Properly

With the wedding day close by, many brides prepare for the day by putting their flowers in the fridge. While this is an acceptable place to store flowers, choosing a fridge that has vegetables and fruits in it as well will do more harm than good. If fresh produce is in the same fridge as a wedding flower bouquet, it will emit chemicals that can wilt and kill your wedding flowers.

If you don’t have a separate fridge to use for your florals, experts recommend keeping your flowers outside the fridge at room temperature. Flowers should be stored in a shadier place, away from vents and direct sunlight.

2. Choose the Right Temperature

When readying florals for the wedding day, always remember that flowers require a certain temperature. Most flower varieties require temperatures between 36-38 degrees with a humidity of 90%. More tropical flowers prefer temperatures of 50-55 degrees. Without a fridge or florist cooler, it’s important to try to keep these flowers moist prior to the big day.

3. Choose Long-Lasting Florals

Keeping flowers fresh for the wedding starts before you even get the flowers. Do yourself a favor and choose flowers that are heartier than the average plant. Flowers like-colored orchids, calla lilies, carnations, and baby’s breath tend to last longer than other varieties of flowers. Try to avoid tulips, gardenias, magnolias, certain roses, peonies, and similar flowers as they will wilt faster.

4. Follow Realistic Timelines

When preparing your wedding flowers, there are certain timelines that should be followed. Centerpieces are often created two days before the wedding and bouquets made the day before the wedding. Depending on how and when the flowers arrive, they may require extra attention to make sure they are ready. For example, if your flowers have yet to bloom, you’ll need to keep them as fresh as possible to encourage them to bloom properly by the big day.

5. Transport Your Flowers Safely

Even if the flowers are fresh up until the day of the wedding, they still need to arrive at the venue in one piece. When transporting flowers to the venue, you should arrange centerpieces so they travel flat without moving. Bouquets can be transported in a box that has a hole cut into it that fits the flowers. Keep the hole small enough that the flowers remain upright without shifting from side to side.

6. Use Flower Hacks During the Wedding

The vodka flower hack will help you keep your flowers fresh during the big day. Use a lemon-lime soda with no other flavoring and pour ¼ cup of soda into every flower base. The sugar and acidity in this soda will help each flower perk up. Another solution is to use vinegar or lemon juice to enhance the flowers’ freshness with the acidic content.

Don’t have those items on hand? If you have hairspray in your bag, that’s all you need. As a florist’s secret weapon, hair spray will help to perk your florals up in a pinch.

7. Preserve Flowers after the Wedding

Hope to keep your wedding flowers fresh forever? Make plans to preserve your flowers after the wedding to make sure they last a lifetime. Consider preserving your flowers by pressing them into a keepsake, drying them upside down, or freezing them with clear epoxy resin. However you choose to keep your flowers, you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come.

With the right preparations and preservation techniques, your wedding day flowers will be as beautiful on the big day and beyond. Keep this guide on hand as you get your flowers ready for the big day.

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