How to Keep Your Designer Clothes Looking Like New


There is nothing quite like purchasing brand new designer clothes that stand out from the crowd. You have probably spent a lot of money on these types of clothes and want them to look their best at all times. Because of this, it is important that you take the steps necessary to ensure they look great months and even years down the road. There are many different things that you can do in order to keep those designer clothes looking great and fitting even better.

Always Read Label Instructions

Designer clothes often have different wash and care instructions than anything that you might have purchased and worn in the past. For example, the clothing will probably need to be put into cold water to wash and either hung out to dry or tumble dried on low. This prevents the clothes from shrinking and being ill-fitting. You should always read the care instructions to ensure that the clothing will always look its best no matter how old they happen to be.

Be Careful While Eating

While you want to wear the clothes out to look your best, it is important that you avoid wearing them when you’re eating. This is because you may spill something on the clothes while eating, which makes it difficult to get the stain out so that the designer clothes look as good as new. If you must eat while wearing the clothes, be careful while eating and avoid spilling anything on the clothes. Make use of napkins and other helpful items so that the clothes look clean and new even after eating your meal.

Avoid Over-Wearing Them

We all like to wear our favorite designer clothes and show them off to the world. However, over-wearing a garment can easily stretch it out, making it look old, worn and stretched. This is why it is important to avoid over-wearing the clothing that you have purchased to prevent this from happening in the first place. There are lots of different ways for you to wear the clothes, but make sure to give the items a rest in between wears so that they can retain their shape.

Never Wear While Working or Doing Chores

If you work or are doing chores, you should avoid wearing the designer clothes altogether. There is more of a chance of the clothing getting ruined or destroyed because you have been wearing them to do all of your chores or are wearing them while on the job. It is important to only wear the designer clothes while going out for special occasions or when you know you are not going to be working or doing any type of chore. This is going to help the clothing to look its best for years without them becoming torn, worn or ruined in general.

Consider Hand Washing

Hand washing your clothing is a lot better than you might think. Your washing machine, even when put on cold water, can ruin your clothing and snag different areas. This is especially true if the material is thinner or has a lot of lace. For this reason, it is a good idea for you to consider hand washing the clothes. This can be done in a tub or sink and then you’ll rinse the clothing out and hang it up to dry. This also prevents the clothes from shrinking at all and allows you to feel confident when wearing the items.

There are many benefits to wearing designer clothes and this is why a lot of people choose to buy these types of items. For one, you can look your best and feel confident in the clothing that you have chosen to wear. However, it is important that you take the steps that are needed so that the clothes look their best at all times. This is important for when you want the designer clothes to look great all the time and not have to worry that you are not able to wear them being they are worn or ruined. By taking these steps and tips into consideration, you will have gorgeous designer clothes for years.

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